Anushka Sharma Makes Us Crave Chana Puri With Her Instagram Story

by Tooba Shaikh
Anushka Sharma Makes Us Crave Chana Puri With Her Instagram Story

We all know Anushka Sharma, the dynamic actress whose talents are diverse as her roles in her films. If you follow her Instagram account closely, you’ll know that Anushka Sharma has definitely been bitten by the travel bug. She loves visiting new places both within and outside India with her cute, small, and equally stunning family comprising her husband, the professional cricket player Virat Kohli and their child. You must also know that she is a known foodie.

Anushka Sharma Makes Us Crave Chana Puri

She has posted a number of dishes on her Instagram stories that she has enthusiastically devoured. Proving to us, once and for all, that she is a hardcore foodie. Whenever she goes on vacations or trips, she loves trying dishes of whatever the new place it is that she’s visiting.

For instance, she recently went to Thailand and flooded her Instagram stories with various Thai delicacies and sweets. How could we forget the mini tour that she gave us of one of the sweet shops there? 

And even when she’s back home, she loves trying all sorts of old and new things. Most recently, she had us craving the delicious puri and chana that she posted on her Instagram story today. Looks like she was craving this delicious snack and who could blame her for it?

Sadly, she didn’t reveal anything else about the delicious-looking chana puri so if you, too, wanted to have what she was having, you’re out of luck. Okay, Anushka! We see you keeping secrets!

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Virat Kohli Reminiscing Memories


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Recently, Anushka Sharma’s dynamic husband and the formidable cricket player Virat Kohli also took to Instagram to share some sweet memories of his family. He posted a picture on Instagram where his family, including himself, is pictured crossing a bridge over a picturesque river.

The bridge looks small and not very well-built, and the family is gingerly crossing the bridge to get to the other side. The image is delightfully captioned “Crossing all bridges of doubt and into love.” We are definitely aww-inspired.

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When was the last time you had chana puri? Let us know in the comments below!

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