Armani/Ristorante Milano Introduces New Spring Theme Menu With Local & International Flavours

by Deeplata Garde
Armani/Ristorante Milano Introduces New Spring Theme Menu With Local & International Flavours

Italy might be legendary for its elite fashion but we can’t neglect the part about the gastronomical delights. Well if you are hunting for a hotspot that speaks volumes about the culinary journey that weaves the net of International and local flavours, we have a suggestion. Evolving is natural selection in terms of techniques and trends regarding food. And this Armani restaurant in Manzoni, 31 is the perfect hotspot with changing menu where the recent one reflects the spring edition.

Chef Francesco Mascheroni Is Offering a Reflection On Spring At Armani/ Ristorante Milano

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The Armani/ Ristorante Milano is located on the seventh level of the hotel, via Manzoni 31. The menu provides three tasting itineraries that are balanced in terms of technique, fashion, and regional influences while also welcoming accents from other cuisines. “My Vegetable Cuisine,” “Present,” and “Evolving Traditions” are the meal options.

The chef’s fundamental approach can be characterised as food without boundaries in terms of concepts and ingredients. The food serves simplicity as the highest common denominator. Highly aesthetic dishes are served with very simple flavours to relish. The pure flavour of the ingredients is made possible by the distinct shapes and sophisticated flavours.

Pic Creds: Press Release

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A Trendy Approach To The Menu

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Let’s start with the first of all, My Vegetable Cuisine. Asparagus (white asparagus, lettuce, and yuzu), Peas (coconut milk, puffed rice), and Eggplant (miso, basil, almonds) are all included in this 6-course menu.

The six courses of “Evolving Tradition” include dishes like Tripe (Milanese Sea tripe, Piedmont sausage, fava beans, black cod), Rice (“erburin,” soy-smoked eel), and Aspic (made of veal tongue and bluefin tuna, green apple, trout roe, and Pantelleria capers), to name a few.

The chef’s current gastronomic beliefs summarize as “Present,” a seven-course menu that flawlessly complements the seasonal ingredients. It includes a lot of ideas and ingenuity for traditional land recipes like lamb (cooked in a saucepan, grilled lettuce, reduced gravy), veal (sweetbread, asparagus, morels, wild garlic), and seafood dishes like dim sum and wasabi.

Come Easter, make plans to spend the holy day at Armani/ Bamboo. The diner will provide a four-course, traditionally rich Easter menu to its patrons. Visitors to the hotels can also take advantage of this Easter Menu.  Lastly, the brunch dates are April 9 and April 10.

So if you crave some simple food but has to be instagrammable enough then you can try checking out this restaurant via Manzoni 31.

Cover Image Courtesy:  Press Release