Armin Van Buuren & UNTOLD Dubai Break 2 World Records With A DJ Set At Burj Khalifa In Dubai

by Anupriya Mishra
Armin Van Buuren & UNTOLD Dubai Break 2 World Records With A DJ Set At Burj Khalifa In Dubai

It wasn’t too long ago when we broke the news of UNTOLD Dubai, which is happening at Expo City Dubai in separate 2024. Months ahead of the upcoming festival, UNTOLD Dubai and Armin van Buuren broke two exceptional records in Dubai with an electrifying DJ performance. Hint – we are talking about a DJ set performed at the world‘s tallest building, Burj Khalifa!

2 World Records Broken By Armin Van Buuren & UNTOLD Dubai


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Armin Van Buuren, the famous Dutch DJ along with UNTOLD Dubai, broke two fantastic records in Dubai recently. He performed an exuberant 40 minutes set at the 149th floor of the world’s tallest skyscraper and the same was released on YouTube on Wednesday. As it happens, the set was captured in 4K by 18 cameras, which also included panoramic views from the helicopter! Additionally, this stunning recording will also serve as a promotion for the upcoming music festival, Untold Dubai, which is scheduled to take place in its Expo City Dubai, in February 2024.

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He Becomes The First DJ To Perform At Burj Khalifa

Talking about the two records, this was shot in April, however, the video was only just released on YouTube. He has become the first ever DJ to form on the Burj Khalifa, thereby earning UNTOLD two fantastic world records. Yes, this set has earned UNTOLD Dubai, the record for the performance on the highest building in the world. Not to mention, the second record also secured them the record for the performance with the biggest LCD screen! As it happens, four advanced drones were also soaring over 830 m to capture the mind-blowing performance.

Coming back to the festival, it’s scheduled to happen in February 2024. And while there is no other information about the lineup of international artists performing at the festival, it must be noted that this famous Dutch Dj will be performing at this fiesta.

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