Asia Cup 2023: Rohit Sharma Forgets His Passport In Team Hotel, Virat Kohli Shares How Forgetful Rohit Is

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Asia Cup 2023: Rohit Sharma Forgets His Passport In Team Hotel, Virat Kohli Shares How Forgetful Rohit Is

The Asia Cup 2023 finals played on September 17, 2023, will surely be remembered by everyone. India won its eighth Asia Cup after defeating Sri Lanka by 10 wickets in just 6.1 overs. The team celebrated their amazing victory and headed to leave as they have many more tournaments to focus on. While getting into the bus, the winning captain, Rohit Sharma, realised that he had forgotten his passport. 

Rohit Sharma Forgets His Passport In Team Hotel

Team India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, was extremely happy with the way his team performed on the field. While everything looked going in the favour of Rohit Sharma and his team, off-field looked a bit different. 

The winning captain forgot his passport at the team hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The cricketer asked his support staff to quickly collect the same and bring it to him. This happened after the captain and other team members had already gotten into the bus to leave the country and get back to India. 

A video featuring Rohit Sharma in the bus near the driver’s seat waiting for his passport has gone viral on the internet. Fans can be seen reacting to the video with laughter emojis. 

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Another Old Video Found

While Rohit Sharma’s video is going viral, we found an old video on the internet. The video features Gaurav Kapoor interviewing Virat Kohli, who was talking about his team members. 

Virat Kohli, while talking about Rohit Sharma, mentioned that he has not seen anyone as forgetful as Rohit. He also mentioned the things that he forgets the most. The list included an iPad, passport, wallet, phone, and others.

Virat said that Rohit forgets the most essential things and also the expensive ones. He said that as the bus is about to reach the hotel, Rohit suddenly remembers that he left his iPad on the plane. 

He mentioned one incident where Rohit forgot his passport, and it was a tough task to retrieve it. Ever since, the logistics manager asks Rohit if he has taken all his belongings, and only then does the bus leave.

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