At This Indore Restaurant, You Can Eat As Much As You Can For Just ₹60 But You Can’t Waste Any Food

by Shreya Ghosh
At This Indore Restaurant, You Can Eat As Much As You Can For Just ₹60 But You Can’t Waste Any Food

We remember our parents telling us not to waste any food while growing up. This is something that we have been learning since a very young age but unfortunately, there are lakhs and crores of people who end up wasting food. We need to be very cautious when it comes to food wastage and take precautions to avoid any such happenings. This is not just a loss of money but there are also so many people who sleep with an empty stomach. It is our responsibility to be aware of this situation and one such restaurant in Indore has taken a great step to avoid food wastage. Read on for the deets!

This Restaurant Serves Unlimited Food In Less Than ₹100

Picture credit- Karnawat Bhojan Prasadi Justdial

Say hello to Karnawat Bhojan Prasadi, a restaurant that has the most perfect solution to avoid food wastage here. This eatery is not only known for serving the most tempting delicacies but the restaurant also has a special menu that is very interesting. In this age of inflation and high prices of everything, Karnawat Bhojan Prasadi serves unlimited foods to all the customers just for ₹60. Unlimited at just ₹60. Seems surprising, right?

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The interesting thing about this place is that unlimited food at such an amount is not the biggest catch here. Instead, there is a fine charged if any customer ends up wasting his/her food. What is this fine all about? Let’s find it out!

Karnawat Bhojan Prasadi Will Charge You A Fine Of ₹50 For This Reason

This restaurant has a simple rule and it is to stop people from wasting food. If someone does not end up finishing everything from their plate, then the eatery will charge the person a charge of ₹50. Karnawat Bhojan Prasadi is very serious about food wastage. Once you enter the place, you will find a small banner on the walls stating that you will need to pay a fine of ₹50 for wasting food.

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There are chances that some people will end up wasting unlimited food served at just ₹60. And to put a permanent end to this, the restaurant began the rule of charging customers. This step taken by Karnawat Bhojan Prasadi is indeed a great way to stop people from wasting food.

Cover Image Courtesy: Zomato/ Karnawat Bhojan Prasadi