Australian Journalist Gives A Raving Review Of Indore’s Poha, Tweets ‘I’m Loving It’

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Australian Journalist Gives A Raving Review Of Indore’s Poha, Tweets ‘I’m Loving It’

Every city has a dish for which it is known. When one comes to Indore, their trip is actually not said to be complete without tasting its famous poha. Indore’s famous poha is served with lemon on the side and is garnished with sev on the top. There is no way you cannot fall in love with this simple and amazing dish. Peter Lalor, an Australian cricket journalist, tried the famous Indore’s poha and raved about it on Twitter.

Australian Journalist Peter Lalor Loved Indore’s Poha

Poha is that one dish that you will surely find in every Indian household frequently, either as morning breakfast or an evening snack. But when it comes to Indori poha, it holds a special place in the hearts of the locals in Indore. Australian cricket journalist Peter Lalor visited India’s Indore city. The reason behind it is the ongoing India vs. Australia 3rd Test. The match is held at the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore. 

Peter tasted Indore’s poha and simply fell in love with this light and healthy dish. The journalist was so flattered by the dish that he immediately clicked a picture of the plate of poha and posted it on his Twitter handle. The picture showed poha served with chopped onion and sev, which are known to enhance the flavour of this dish. Posting about it, he wrote that one must visit Indore in India and never miss poha here. He also wrote, ‘I’m loving it’. 

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Suggestions From People Poured In

Generally, the people in Indore, pair their poha with some imarti or jalebi, which gives different textures for their palate to enjoy. As the Australian journalist posted about poha and how much he liked it, many people started pouring in their suggestions. Some people suggested various shops and dishes for Peter to try. Many of them were delighted to know that he not only loved Poha but also posted about it. 

There is no better way to explore a city than to try its local dishes, especially those suggested by the locals. We are sure that Peter will surely try the suggested dishes on his India trip. We have taken notes already, have you?

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Have you tried Indore’s poha? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: @peterlalor/Twitter