Attention, Stargazers! Uttarakhand Govt Is Hosting A Monthlong Astro Camp In Benital

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Attention, Stargazers! Uttarakhand Govt Is Hosting A Monthlong Astro Camp In Benital

Are you someone who loves celestial things? The stars, the constellations, and everything else that is related to astronomy? Well, you are an “astrophile,” then. Yes, “astrophile” is the term that defines people who love celestial things. So for all the astrophiles out there, we have crazy news for you. The Uttarakhand government is hosting a month long astronomy camp in Benital with some amazing activities. 

Uttarakhand Government Will Host Astro Camp

An Astro Camp and the second Benital Astro Party will be held in Uttarakhand’s Benital this month. This is the outcome of a partnership between the District Administration of Chamoli and Starscapes.

This Astro Party will be held from May 19-21 and with this, the monthlong Astro camp will begin. This event will host activities like stargazing, solar observations, rocketry making, astro photography, astronomy tambola, constellation viewing, and more. Benital is beautifully situated at 2500 metres above sea level. 

Benital is the ideal destination for a Dark Sky Park because of low light pollution and minimal human activity. To boost people’s interest in astrotourism, Starscapes has been actively promoting Dark Sky locations in India. 

Starscapes is a member of the International Dark Sky Advocate Network and India’s leading astrotourism company. 

astro camp
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Interesting Activities At The Camp

Sun Observation: You can use telescopes equipped with specialised H-Alpha filters to observe the solar surface and solar prominence.

Night Sky Wonders: You can use on-site telescopes to observe the mesmerising beauty of celestial objects, including the moon, planets, and deep-sky objects.

Astrophotography: You can learn the technique for taking beautiful photos of the night sky from a professional astrophotographer. 

There are other activities like mystery star identification, a meteor game, a constellation viewer, a magnetism maze game, and other fun interactive games. 

Starscapes, apart from promoting astrotourism, works on raising awareness among people regarding the impact of light pollution and its impact on the environment .  This camp is in line with the efforts to make Benital as the first astro village in India. 

astro camp
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Are you joining this camp?

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