Atul Kulkarni Recommends These Must-Have Food Items At Sujata Upahar Gruha

Atul Kulkarni taught us how to properly eat Ukadiche Modak.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Atul Kulkarni Recommends These Must-Have Food Items At Sujata Upahar Gruha

Atul Kulkarni dons multiple hats and is known to deliver excellent films. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Arohi Thatte, our anchor, met with him to explore some of the most authentic Maharashtrian food places in Mumbai. He educated us about what actual Maharashtrian food is and also gave us step-by-step directions to eat Ukadiche Modak, read on to learn it.

Atul Kulkarni’s Must-Have Food Items At Girgaon’s Sujata Upahar Gruha

Sujata Upahar Gruha is a famous restaurant in Mumbai where you can get some authentic Maharashtrian food. This was the second stop for exploring Girgaon and Arohi suggested that they indulge in good thali consisting of yummy Maharashtrian food. Atul Kulkarni was elated when he heard about gorging on more Maharashtrian food. 

He started mentioning some of his favourite dishes from the thali just as it was brought out. Atul Kulkarni mentioned that sajuk tup which is homemade ghee is crucial when you have puranpoli or Modak. He found the thali “fantastic” with bhakri, usal bhaji, varan and Gulab Jamun. It seems like he scanned for his favourite food items quickly and was ready to indulge in this thali. 

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Lastly, he shared that Sujata Upahar Gruha’s must-have item is the Ukadiche Modak! Ukadiche Modak is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet which is similar to rice flour dumplings with coconut-jaggery fillings. Comment down below if you have enjoyed it.

He Showed Us How To Eat This Must-Have Dish

Atul Kulkarni Curly Tales
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Atul Kulkarni shared that he prefers to eat sweet dishes before starting his lunch or dinner. It is because he has been told that you should always start your meal with a sweet dish. While enjoying the thali at Sujata Upahar Gruha, he quickly shifted to Ukadiche Modak. He took the time to show us how to eat it properly. He started by cracking open one from the middle and poured a spoonful of ghee into the filling. 

The ghee slowly seeped into the coconut filling and then he took a bite. You could clearly see the satisfaction on his face as the filling burst with ghee inside his mouth. This prompted Arohi to try the same. We urge you to do the same because it’s delish!

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