Australian Man Finds A 4.6Kg Rock With 2.6Kg Of Gold In It Using A Budget Metal Detector

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Australian Man Finds A 4.6Kg Rock With 2.6Kg Of Gold In It Using A Budget Metal Detector

A metal detectorist is a person who, with a metal detector, finds objects that are buried inside the ground. You must have seen metal detectorists in movies who find precious objects under the ground and hit a jackpot. Well, something similar happened with an Australian metal detectorist. An Australian man found a rock with 2.6 kg of gold in it using a budget metal detector. 

Australian Man Finds A Gold Rock

An Australian metal detectorist has actually hit the jackpot as he found a 4.6 kg rock. The rock has 2.6 kg of gold in it using his budget metal detector. The man who does not wish to be named, found this at the Victoria’s goldfields. The place is known as the heart of Australia’s 1800s gold rush. 

The man simply used his Minelab Equinox 800 in Victoria’s golden triangle. Suddenly, it began to go off over a stretch of Ballarat, and the man knew he had found something big and important. 

He dug up a portion of the earth and found a gold rock. The next thing he did was that he took that rock to Lucky Strike Gold in Geelong. He had anticipated that the rock would get him $10,000, but to his surprise, he learned that it’s worth was actually 20 times more than what he thought. 

rep image credits: wikimedia commons

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A Trader Bought The Nugget

A gold trader named Darren Kamp said that this gold nugget was the biggest he had seen in his entire 43-year career. He valued the rock and bought it from the man. He said that such big specimens are generally found by big companies, and moreover finding this with a metal detector is surreal. 

When the man walked into Kamp’s store in Geelong, about an hour south-west of Melbourne, he did not think much about it. Normally, many people walk up to him with rocks that look like gold, but this man had brought in a marvel.

Even though finds like these are uncommon, Australia is thought to hold the world’s largest gold reserves. Several of the largest gold nuggets have been located there.

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