Automated Face Mask & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Machine Commissioned At Patna Station Of Bihar

by Natasha Monteiro
Automated Face Mask & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Machine Commissioned At Patna Station Of Bihar

The Ministry Of Railways recently tweeted that Bihar’s Patna station will get its own Automated Face Mask & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Machine in case an individual who is travelling in and out of Patna forget his or her mask & sanitiser. What an idea Sirji!

Automated Face Mask & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Machine At Patna Station

How many days and weeks do you plan on your airport look or the ultimate travel look? Well, with the introduction of COVID-19 in 2020, we’ll have to rethink all of our ‘looks’ and the one common look that we all have to adapt to is the ‘mask and sanitiser’ routine. It has been generally proven that wearing a mask will help lower the infection rate significantly. Take a look at this graph.

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Image Courtesy: Toowoomba Chronicle

In line with ensuring the safety and hygiene of passengers going to and from Patna station, the Ministry of Railways tweeted that an Automated Face Mask and Hand Sanitiser dispenser machine is comissioned at Patna Station of Bihar to facilitate those passengers who forgot to carry their mask/sanitizer while coming to Railway Station. This dispenser however is the second such machine to be installed, with the first one being installed at Nagpur railway station on May 18th, 2020.

Patna’s machine will be kept on platform Number 1, right near the main entrance. Each machine will come with a touchscreen display that will show the price of the products available for sale. The machine will also accept both coins & paper currency and will have the capability to dispense the remaining change.

Senior divisional commercial manager (DCM) of Danapur division, Aadhaar Raj said, “This would be of great help to especially all those passengers, who come to the station or those on board in the trains and have forgotten to bring the mask and sanitizer during the prevailing outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic.”

He added, “It has capacity of vending 48 different items. As of now, the masks of various safety qualities and the bottle of hand sanitizers of travel-size have been put for automated vending.”

What a wonderful idea and something that we expect should soon be commissioned across all stations and public places in India. Just recently the government issued guidelines on Lockdown 5.0 and as per the new guideline buses, trains & flights will be operational in India. Take a look at the video below to know the exact guidelines that are put in place: