Ayushmann Khurrana Empowers Chandigarh’s LGBTQ+ Community By Investing In Their Food Trucks!

by Shreya Rathod
Ayushmann Khurrana Empowers Chandigarh’s LGBTQ+ Community By Investing In Their Food Trucks!

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana is a great and talented actor and he has acted in several movies that represent sensitive issues. Additionally, he is known for taking steps for the betterment of society. He is also the UNICEF National Ambassador after working with them for two years. Interestingly, he has also invested in a food truck business by Chandigarh’s LGBTQ+ Community.

Ayushmann Khurrana Empowers Chandigarh’s LGBTQ+ Community!

By encouraging them to start their own businesses during Pride Month, actor Ayushmann Khurrana is empowering the LGBTQ+ community in Chandigarh. For the community’s benefit, Ayushmann has invested in building food trucks so they can become self-sufficient through the food industry. The food trucks are being branded ‘Sweekar’, a current take on the necessity of acceptance for the community in today’s society.

A tweet was shared by Dhananjay Chauhan, the first transgender student of Panjab University. It showed gratitude towards the actor for supporting transgenders. It further points out that without his help, it would be difficult for them to start the business.

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It Is A Social Responsibility


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According to Ayushmann Khurrana, an actor should attempt and have a social duty. People’s love puts them in a position where they may contribute to the empowerment of individuals and communities and consequently increase awareness of significant issues. He has always thought that inclusion is the cornerstone of developing a nation.

He further states that every person must contribute in order to assist as many people as possible. They must also inspire others to follow suit. They will realise how inter-dependent they are as a community and how they can only flourish by cooperating, realising our larger objective of building a peaceful, cooperative world that embraces diversity.

He is thrilled to take this step to empower members of the transgender community in Chandigarh to become self-reliant by turning them into entrepreneurs. In his own way, he will always support the LGBTQIA+ community.

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In a society, we should support and empower each other. Comment below and share your thoughts about this initiative. Also, tell us what would you do to support the community.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dhananjay Chauhan Trans women/ Twitter