Backstreet Boys Tour At Etihad Arena Was ‘Larger Than Life’! ‘Everybody’ Wanted It That Way!

by Deeplata Garde
Backstreet Boys Tour At Etihad Arena Was ‘Larger Than Life’! ‘Everybody’ Wanted It That Way!

Nostalgia is a small word to define the feeling Millennials felt watching their favourite boy band perform live. Yes, we are talking about a super-cool band from the 90s, Backstreet Boys performing in Etihad Arena. The live performance on 8th May was nothing less than magic in the air. Every fan standing and swaying there felt it.

A Glamorous Concert, A Magical Night At Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi

Backstreet Boys performed in Abu Dhabi’s glitzy Etihad Arena as part of their “DNA World Tour”. The event aligned nearly five years after their 25th-anniversary concert in Dubai. It was a smashing hit. And the ones who didn’t attend; folks you missed it big time!

One of their lesser-known songs, “Everyone,” from the 2000 album “Black and Blue,” opened the show. The crowd couldn’t control themselves from dancing and swaying their hands to the tunes. It’s a challenge to stand still when these 5 rockstars are curating magic out there.

Our favourite boy band went on to bedazzle us with their melodious voice and shaking a leg on the stage. The boys are here to stay and they are definitely never satisfied with their previous laurels. The hunger to please their fans and allure the crowd with something more mature & evolved music remains their forever goal.

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Backstreet Boys Loved Abu Dhabi!


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Fans were totally mesmerized by the performance. As the band sang their songs, nobody saw the surprise that was coming their way! Nick Carter was going solo and in the middle, he took a breath and stated that he has never seen any city more beautiful than Abu Dhabi. The band member is so captivated by the city that he revealed his plans to buy a house in this Emirate.
Imagine walking by on the streets or to the supermarket and randomly spotting a Backstreet Boys band member going along. Woah that’s what will happen with Emiratis when Nick buys a house here.

AJ Mclean stepped in after Carter and asked the crowd how would 30 more years of this band sound to them. He quickly added that there wouldn’t be this much dancing involved though!

All in all, we just can’t get over the glitzy performance that sent ‘Everybody’ ‘Drowning’ in their love!

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