Banana Tea: Its Benefits, Recipe, And All You Need To Know About This Nutritious Tea

by Mallika Khurana
Banana Tea: Its Benefits, Recipe, And All You Need To Know About This Nutritious Tea

Tea is known to have a calming effect on our bodies. Be it the classic chai or a cup of soothing chamomile, it will always leave you feeling relaxed. No matter if you are a tea aficionado or not, there is one type of tea you must know about. Banana tea might sound like a weird concept, but you certainly cannot reject it without trying it once. Imagine a warm banana-infused tea with a kick of bold spices. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Filled with nutrients and antioxidants, this tea is just the beverage you need to calm your nerves. Read on to learn everything about it!

Banana Tea Has An Array Of Benefits

Banana tea recipe
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From helping with inflammation, repression, and more, here is a list of the amazing benefits of consuming this tea:

  • Banana tea contains a generous amount of serotonin, tryptophan, and dopamine, which certainly aid in better sleep. Infusing the tea with banana tea will also help relieve stress.
  • Like potassium found in bananas, potassium in this tea will help maintain blood pressure levels and improve heart health considerably.
  • Banana tea comes with natural mood-lifting properties, and its consumption will lead you to a peaceful day and a relaxed sleep at night.
  • The potassium and magnesium in this tea will also prove to be good for digestion and help with issues like bloating, constipation, and more.
  • Banana tea is also rich in vitamins A and C, which help boost the immune system.

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Make Yourself A Perfect Cup Of Banana Tea

Banana tea benefits
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Now that you know all the benefits of this amazing tea, it’s time to brew one cup. Start by collecting all the ingredients listed below:

  • An organic banana
  • Two cups of water
  • One stick of cinnamon
  • A spoonful of honey

Follow these steps to make a perfect cup for yourself:

  1. Pour some water into a pan and put it on the stove.
  2. Put a cinnamon stick in the water and heat it until it boils.
  3. Chop off the banana ends and put them in the boiling water. Even though the peel is nutritious and highly recommended for this tea, it is optional to include it.
  4. Once it has boiled nicely for over ten minutes, strain the tea and pour some into a cup.
  5. If you would like it to be sweet, put some honey in it.

Savour a cup right before sleeping and thank us later!

Pro tip: Use the leftover banana to make some pudding!

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