Bangalorean’s Sarcastic Question: Will Sarjapur Folks Get Real Footpath & Not Makeshift Drain?

by Shreya Rathod
Bangalorean’s Sarcastic Question: Will Sarjapur Folks Get Real Footpath & Not Makeshift Drain?

Every city needs to have better roads, transport facilities, etc. These infrastructures add to the convenience of the residents and make the place accessible. This is the reason why the big cities have their administration that looks after their construction, repair and maintenance. There are certain times when these duties aren’t taken seriously! Recently, a Twitter user posted a pic of Sarjapur Road’s makeshift drain that is portrayed as a footpath!

Bangalore’s Sarjapur Road Has A Makeshift Drain Instead Of Footpath!

A Twitter user, Shilpi Sahu, shared a pic of Sarjapur Road on Twitter and captioned it with a sarcastic comment. The tweet read: ‘Take a look at the model footpath of Sarjapur Road before it vanishes.’ It further read that if you report this problem to the BBMP (Br̥hat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) app, you will get a ‘thank you’ and the window will close.

There was another tweet in which she tagged the Chief Commissioner of BBMP and asked whether the residents will get a real footpath instead of a makeshift drain. And will it continue for at least 1 kilometre? Motorbikes and vehicles drive and park on this improvised drain cover. There isn’t much room for pedestrians on this road. She further pointed out that certainly, the residents deserved better!

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This sarcastic yet unfiltered question showed a mirror to the administration and dared to ask the question that we usually ignore.

Netizens Are Adding Their Bit Of Complaints

According to the long list of complaints in the comment box, this isn’t just about Sarjapur Road. Apparently, several areas in Bengaluru have such makeshift drain covers that are prone to cause accidents. One of the users pointed out the condition in Kasturi Nagar with his tweet. He had a video showing these drains and the tweet was captioned: “They are greeted with these drains every morning and the infrastructure is pathetic.”

Moreover, many have agreed to the fact that registering complaints on the BBMP app helpline is utterly useless. The complaint window closes after registering a complaint and all you get is a ‘thank you’.

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If you are from Bengaluru, comment below and tell us if you have encountered such “footpaths”.

Cover Image Courtesy: Shilpi Sahu/ Twitter