Barista Trainer Makes Non-Veg Bolognese Coffee & Serves It To His Girlfriend; What Abomination Is This?!

Adam, a Barista trainer concocted a Bolognese Latte which has meaty flavours.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Barista Trainer Makes Non-Veg Bolognese Coffee & Serves It To His Girlfriend; What Abomination Is This?!

Bolognese sauce is the pride of Italians. A rich hearty sauce originating from the city of Bologna, this sauce is made with browned meats, and slow-cooked tomatoes and seasoned with Italian herbs and spices. It’s used in used in pasta, lasagna and even stuffed peppers. But one man decided to incorporate Bolognese sauce in… wait for it… coffee! Yes, you read this right! A Barista trainer recently shared a video where he prepares non-veg Bolognese coffee and serves it to his girlfriend. Her reaction is totally understandable.

Barista Trainer Prepares Non-Veg Bolognese Coffee; Makes His Girlfriend Try It

Adam took to his Instagram handle, @adamscoffeeglasgow to show his latest unconventional coffee creation. The Barista trainer concocted a brew that has meaty Italian flavours. Imagine ground meat, mashed tomatoes and oregano in your cuppa joe! If that isn’t an abomination then we wonder what is! In no time, this video went viral and garnered over 2 million views.

The Barista trainer gives a demo of his latte-making process. First, he prepares a meaty sauce by simmering tomatoes, meat, onions and spices for four hours. Once the Bolognese sauce was made, he layered it in a glass. Adam advised his followers to use the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT). This is a technique used by baristas to gently stir the coffee grounds to prepare espresso. Next, he fills the glass with oat milk and finally pours freshly made espresso on it. The drink is garnished with basil.

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Netizens Call It “Crime On Humanity” & Want Him Banned From Italy

Non-Veg Bolognese Coffee

The coffee consultant made his girlfriend try his Bolognese Latte. With just one sip, she spat out the drink. More like, puked it out. It was an instant reaction. Well, Netizens weren’t pleased with this unusual coffee at all. Many demanded he be banned from Italy and jailed for this crime. Another called this non-veg Bolognese coffee, “a crime on humanity. Most saw this drink as an utter abomination.

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Meanwhile, coffee lovers, do let us know if you’d ever have the guts to try this non-veg Bolognese coffee.

Cover Image Courtesy: @adamscoffeeglasgow/ Instagram

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