This Belgian Couple Is Travelling Around The World Naked

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
This Belgian Couple Is Travelling Around The World Naked

Under 140 Characters

A Belgian couple is travelling across the world butt-naked and posting their pictures on their blog & Instagram as they go along.

What Is It?

Known as the ‘nakedwanderings’, this couple likes to keep things simple and experiential. Nick and Lins, a couple in their mid-30s are wandering across the globe travelling around naked in support of naturism and sharing their relationship on social media by posting butt-naked pictures from different angles as they go along their journey.


What Else?

The couple has gained the spotlight for being rather courageous and passionate about what they believe in – spreading naturism and to show the world that naturism is for everybody, no matter of age, gender, profession or location. They’re passionate about their mission, writing about myths and taboos around the practice of nudism and acting as a gateway to the habit for those who are unfamiliar to it.

They are respectful and appropriate with their love of nudism, only partaking in it when alone at home or in remote locations, or at nudist resorts.

They discovered naturism when they went to a naked spa and sauna, as they had a gift voucher for it. It was then when the couple overcame the initial awkwardness and enjoyed the wonders of it, they found that they loved the freedom and relaxation that came with naturalism. Since then they have been on a quest to finding out all the naturalist beaches and resorts and documenting their journey through their blog and social media platforms like Instagram. You can find their posts on Instagram as ‘nakedwanderings’ where they encourage absolute naturism and inspire nudity describing the practice of taking off clothes as an absolutely liberating and extraordinary experience.

The couple enjoys the simple fact of being naked and utterly exposed to nature, walking around naked with baggage and hanging out among other naked people as truly liberating.


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