Bengalureans, Surprise Your Dogs With Homemade Chicken Biryani, Feet Soup & More From THIS Place

Treat your furry friends with delectable dishes from Ms Alice Petfood.

by Shreya Ghosh
Bengalureans, Surprise Your Dogs With Homemade Chicken Biryani, Feet Soup & More From THIS Place

Many of us love being thoughtful and presenting beautiful gifts and experiences to our loved ones be it just a simple box of gifts, cooking some yummy dishes, or even making something special and customised by hand. Well, there are tons of options to make our special ones feel extra loved and special. But what about our little paw friends? Well, no need to worry as this pet food shop in Bengaluru serves delish chicken biryani for dogs, and here’s why you need to place orders soon.

From Chicken Biryani To Chicken Liver Rice, Treat Your Dogs With Delish Delights

Taking to Reddit, u/ayu_ssh shared a picture of the advertisement of Ms Alice Petfood serving homemade and delectable food items for dogs.

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Whose furry friends do not love to eat, right? Just as we humans cannot eat the same food every day, even these animals get bored of having the same or similar food all the time. Well, the time has finally come to improve, enhnace, and elevate your pet dogs’ food palette and no, you do not need to serve them unhealthy food items.

Say hello to Ms Alice Petfood! If you are planning to treat your pet dogs with some healthy, homemade, and delicious food items, you surely need to check out this place. Nestled in Bengaluru’s HBR Layout, this pet food place prepares homemade food items for the furry ones without using any sort of preservatives. This place offers the option of customising food and serves fresh food every day.

If you are wondering what are the options available at Ms Alice Petfood for your doggos, we have all the information for you. There is not only chicken biryani but many more yummy options for pets.

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The Petfood Shop Serves….

Chicken Biryani For Dogs
Picture credit- Canva

The menu of Ms Alice Petfood is amazing with great choices of healthy non-veg food items to choose from and order from. Here are some dishes from the menu.

  • Chicken Feet Soup
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Bone Rice
  • Teether Rice
  • Chicken Rice
  • Chicken Neck Piece Rice
  • Chicken Keema Rice made with carrot, salmon oil, and turmeric powder
  • Chicken Liver Rice made with turmeric powder, carrot, salmon oil, and pumpkin

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People of Bengaluru, have you ordered from this place before?

Cover Image Courtesy: Reddit/ u/ayu_ssh, Canva

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