Bengaluru: Ola Driver Cons Student, Shows ₹5194 Fare After Secretly Cancelling Ride

Bengaluru student stated that Ola driver charged ₹5194 For ₹730 Journey from Kempegowda International Airport.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bengaluru: Ola Driver Cons Student, Shows ₹5194 Fare After Secretly Cancelling Ride

If it isn’t already a bank-breaking affair to travel to and from Bengaluru airport, a student was recently charged an unfair amount for the same. Anurag Kumar Singh landed in Bengaluru from Kolkata on Wednesday. He booked an Ola cab from the Kempegowda International Airport to the Mathikere area. Read on to know how the cab driver unfairly charged a whopping ₹5194 fare for a ₹730 journey.

Bengaluru Ola Driver Charges ₹5194 For ₹730 Journey From Airport

Picture Credits: Canva

According to a report by TOI, Anurag Kumar Singh revealed to the media agency that he booked a mini-taxi on the Ola app. He walked to the Ola taxi bay and was directed to take the first cab that was parked at the line-up. On entering the cab, he shared the One Time Password (OTP). The driver found his name and drop location on entering the OTP. However, when he reached the location, the driver showed his phone screen and the amount displayed was ₹5194.

Student Claims Ride Was Cancelled Without His Knowledge

Picture Credits: Canva

Anurag Kumar Singh stated to TOI that he was shocked. From his point of view, even if he walked all around Bengaluru, he wouldn’t have to pay ₹5000. The Bengaluru student also checked the Ola app and came to know that the trip had been cancelled. As per the information displayed on the Ola app on his phone, he wasn’t even in the cab. The student said that if the fare at the end of the trip is higher than the fare stated at the time of booking, can be raised with Ola’s customer support care. A refund is also possible in this case, says the student.

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The Bengaluru student, left with no choice, alerted his neighbours to talk to the driver, as he didn’t know Kannada. His neighbours negotiated with the driver and brought the fare down to ₹1600. This is still double the stated fare. Moreover, the driver demanded ₹1600 instead of ₹5194, after Anurag Kumar Singh told him that he would take matters to the police. The student paid ₹1600 to the driver. Despite raising matters with Ola, the cab aggregator hasn’t responded yet.

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Bengalureans, have you ever faced such situations with cab or auto drivers in the city?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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