Bengaluru Resident Finds Polite ‘Do Not Park Here’ Note On Car; Here’s What Delhiites Feel

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru Resident Finds Polite ‘Do Not Park Here’ Note On Car; Here’s What Delhiites Feel

Bengaluru is known as the IT hub of India. It is generally known for its amazing climate, crazy traffic, and people who have super-savage answers to your questions. It is always trending on social media as people share their experiences with the city and its people. There are so many peak Bengaluru moments, and now here’s a new one. A resident of Bengaluru found a polite ‘ Do not park here’ note on his car. Here’s what Delhiites feel!

Bengaluru Resident Finds A Polite Note

A tweet is going viral on the internet that features a polite note in Bengaluru. The incident took place in one of the largest neighbourhoods in the southern part of the city, Koramangala. 

The tweet shared by @inframarauder showed how one of the neighbours pasted a polite note on the window of the car. The note was a polite one, informing the owner that the spot he had used for parking did not actually belong to him. He also mentioned how he needed it to park their other car. 

The note was super polite and asked for cooperation from the neighbour. The tone of the note was something very surprising, which is why this tweet went viral in no time. 

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Comparison Sparked Between Netizens

The tweet did not take much time to go viral. It has garnered over 102.6K views on the internet and over one thousand likes. 

Netizens instantly began talking about the super polite tone of the note and expressed their reactions using emojis. Some began talking about how people from their own city would never be this polite and patient. 

Many pointed out that if this had happened in Gurugram, the other neighbour would have simply trashed the car instead of politely asking to get it parked elsewhere. 

Another user wrote that Delhiites would have simply deflated the tyre of the car. Others shared how they or their neighbours dealt with a similar situation. 

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What are your views on this?

Cover Image Courtesy: unsplash