Bengaluru: Woman Shares Horrible Exp. With Ola Auto Driver Asking To Pay More; When Refused, Here’s What Happened

According to her X (formerly Twitter) post, the woman has not received any support from Ola and has not been able to reach their customer care either.

by Tashika Tyagi
Bengaluru: Woman Shares Horrible Exp. With Ola Auto Driver Asking To Pay More; When Refused, Here’s What Happened

A Bengaluru woman shared a harrowing and unsettling experience while travelling with Ola recently. According to her X (formerly Twitter) post, the Ola auto driver asked her to pay more than what the app showed. When she refused, he started yelling and swearing at her and even created a scene in front of her apartment building. When she tried to file a complaint against him, she couldn’t get through Ola’s customer service. Scroll on to learn about the entire incident.

Bengaluru Woman Shares Unsettling Experience With Ola Auto Driver

Bengaluru-based Tanisha Mallya took an Ola auto to reach home recently. While booking, the app showed a fare range of ₹347-356 for covering about 25 kilometres. However, when she reached home, the Ola auto driver demanded a payment of ₹470 as he, apparently, drove 45 kilometres to reach her destination.

When she tried explaining and showing that the app showed a ride bill of ₹356 on both of their apps, he started arguing with her. When he refused to budge and continued pestering her, she fought back. After this, the Ola auto driver got out of the vehicle and yelled and hurled swear words at her. To avoid any further altercation, the woman paid ₹356 and started walking towards her home. Seeing this, the auto driver started creating a scene that forced her to call in her father.

After coming home, she tried filing a complaint against the auto driver. However, she has not received any support from Ola customer care yet. In fact, she couldn’t even file a complaint as she could not find the invoice or the driver’s details in her Ola history section.

In a series of posts, she mentioned how this was a very concerning incident. According to her, she was able to argue with the auto driver because she knew Kannada, was near her home and lived with her family, and the entire ordeal happened during the evening. She says it would have been a fearful situation for any other woman who doesn’t speak the language or lives alone.

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Netizens React To The Entire Incident

Ola auto
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

Seeing the post, a lot of Netizens responded and reacted to it. While some shared similar incidents, others gave alternative cab options and urged the Bengaluru woman to file a case against the driver. The Bengaluru Police also reacted to the post and asked the lady for more details on this incident.

Here are some comments you cannot miss out on this post.

This incident is deeply concerning and does raise questions about passenger safety. We hope that Ola takes strict action against the driver to discourage such behaviour. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & X/@tanisha_mallya

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