Beyond Culinary Borders: Why Pakistan’s Shan Masala Is Still A Cult Favourite Among Indians

by Tejashee Kashyap
Beyond Culinary Borders: Why Pakistan’s Shan Masala Is Still A Cult Favourite Among Indians

Years have passed, yet the flavour of a plate of Nihari or Biryani made with Shan Masala might have stayed with you, making it impossible for you to forget that experience. The reach of Shan Masala into Indian kitchens is poignant.

Shan Masala In Indian Kitchens

A line of packaged mixed spices called Shan Masala is a Pakistani food firm that sells its goods in more than 60 nations. Shan Foods specialises in Mughlai cuisine. Due to its high quality, it discreetly and gradually gained popularity in India. Shan Masalas was able to serve an Indian audience without the use of any advertising; it just relied on the quality of its product.

Shan masalas gave people access to korma and biryani for Eid all year long anytime they want. It simplified the preparation of challenging and intense recipes, enabling novice cooks to follow the instructions on the masala boxes and serve a delectable dinner to themselves and their families. Shan made mughlai food accessible in every household’s kitchen.

The story of Shan Masala’s resonance in India is not just about flavours and aromas; it’s a tale of cultural connections, shared history, and the power of gastronomy to foster unity.  However now, certain restrictions on certain exports from Pakistan to India have made it harder for individuals to buy Shan masalas.

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The Enduring Appeal Of These Masalas

For Indians, who themselves boast a rich and diverse culinary tradition, the allure of Shan Masala lies in the familiarity of flavours that echo traditional dishes while offering a unique twist. Shan’s masalas are a robust combination– that goes into a given dish, so all that is required is to chop and fry some onions, combine the meat and masala in the kadhai, and occasionally stir the mixture.

Culinary nostalgia also plays a pivotal role in Shan Masala’s enduring allure. The cult-like following that this masala enjoys among Indians can also be attributed to the brand’s innovative approach to marketing and packaging. In an era where convenience and quick cooking solutions are prized, Shan Masala offers pre-mixed spice blends that save time without compromising on flavour.

However, as long as there are kitchens where pots simmer and spices meld, Shan Masala’s place as a cult favorite among Indians is sure to endure.

Cover image credits: Twitter/Balram Vishwakarma