Biryani And Mutton Curry In Space? Well, It Is Possible

by Shreya Ghosh
Biryani And Mutton Curry In Space? Well, It Is Possible

Many Indians have been to the space in the past. Their achievement and success in taking our country to a global level and getting such honourable recognition have made us extremely proud. And now Indian cuisine might be the next big thing for India to enter into space. This may seem a bit surprising but there are chances of Indian cuisine becoming a part of a space mission, according to a report by Slurrp. If you are wondering how this can be possible, read on!

Indian Cuisine May Go To Space. But How?

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

There is simply no replacement for consuming nutritious meals all the time for proper health. But this seems to be a difficult task when astronauts are going into space. Going on a space journey means it is going to continue for a long time. And proper nutrition is an utmost priority during these times. Scientists are working relentlessly to find the solution to providing not just healthy food but also diverse options. To solve all such issues of finding the apt food for astronauts, Indian cuisine is coming to the rescue.

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There are many restrictions when it comes to food. Due to no gravity in space, it is so difficult to manage all sorts of food items of different consistencies there. Another challenge is to prepare those dishes that have a proper shelf life and can be preserved for a long time. To find some recipes that can be cooked easily and kept for long is quite tricky.

Is Indian Cuisine A Good Idea?

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Indian delicacies are known all around the world for their flavours and spices. Not everyone can tolerate the spice level like Indians so it will be a primary focus of the chefs, doctors, nutritionists, and scientists to prepare meals that can be enjoyed by everyone. A proper focus will also be provided on those dishes that are packed with nutrients. There might be some challenges as everyone has a different diet, allergy issues, preferences and more. Indian cuisine houses tons of options from sweet to savoury, from vegan to non-vegetarian, and a lot more. With proper consultation and modification, Indian cuisine can turn out to be a good option.

To preserve foods for a long time, Indian dishes can also be kept in vacuum-sealed packages. According to the report by Slurrp, lentils, biryani, and curry recipes can be preserved with the same nutrition and flavours.

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The new innovation of space-friendly Indian cuisine can be a major boost for so many other reasons. There is still no assurance for this becoming a reality but we can only hope for this to become a reality soon!

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