Bizzare! Woman Climbs Armrest Mid-Flight, Hops Over To Reach Her Window Seat

by Sanmita A
Bizzare! Woman Climbs Armrest Mid-Flight, Hops Over To Reach Her Window Seat

The Twitterati has the most bizarre, interesting and offbeat incidents to draw your attention to. And once again, a video clip shared by a Twitter user has gone viral, drawing criticism as well shock as it goes viral. This clip shows a woman in a flight climbing the armrest from the aisle, stepping over the passengers to reach her window seat. While doing so, an in-flight passenger caught the entire action on camera.

Woman Steps Over Passenger To Reach Her Window Seat

The user who shared the video tagged the woman’s action as a ‘criminal activity.’ He also claimed that she kept doing this throughout the 7-hour flight. Take a look at the video that Brandon, with the username @In_jedi shared –

From the looks of the video, her fellow passengers did not seem to be much bothered by her stepping over their armrests to finally get to her seat.

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In-flight incidents with weird passengers or bad experiences with flights have always grabbed attention. Well, this video also belongs to that lot which has divided the internet. While some were taken aback by her actions, there were some who came out in her support.

Take a look at what the netizens had to say regarding seat hopping and if it is actually possible for people to do this.

A few were also irked by the fact the woman wore no shoes to the restroom and stepped over the passengers.

What do you think of the woman’s action? Will you be able to pull off something like this? Let us know!

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