Long Haul Flight? Download These Series On Netflix To Keep Yourself Hooked

by Sanjana Shenoy
Long Haul Flight? Download These Series On Netflix To Keep Yourself Hooked

With hours to kill on a long-haul flight, possible delays in-store, transit in airports and possibly having to deal with a person in the middle seat who just won’t stop talking, your refuge in Netflix. Look at the bright side. Instead of wondering how you can kill time during travel, why not view it as a great chance to catch up on some amazing content? After all, it’s not often in our busy lives that we even have time to binge watch. So, here are 5 series you can download on Netflix to keep you hooked during long-haul flights.

1. The Stranger

Every minute of this 8-episode British thriller is guaranteed to keep you hooked. It all starts with a stranger making a shocking claim on Adam price’s wife, a teacher, a devoted mother and a caring wife. Adam Price’s world is turned upside down. How can a stranger know such intimate details about his family? With his wife keeping deep secrets from him, how can his life go back to normal? Moreover, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more secrets waiting to be unravelled.

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2. Itaewon Class

Squid Games is undoubtedly a good South Korean show. But have I watched a better South Korean show? Absolutely yes! I know it’s a tall claim but Itaewon Class is a South Korean show that should certainly be on your binge list during long-hour flights. Starring Park Seo Joon, and Kim Da-mi, this show is based on a webtoon of the same name. A gripping tale of revenge, redemption, unity in diversity and self-growth, Itaewon Class packs a punch. It’s all about the grey, and you’d find yourself rooting for every character’s journey. This series won Best Drama Series at the 25th Asian Television Awards, all the more reason to download it ASAP.

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3. Connected

Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything is a docu-series where science journalist Latif Nasser investigates all the intriguing and surprising ways how we are all connected to each other. It’s a vital reminder that everything that happens around the world is linked to us. The series follows interesting topics like poop, dust, clouds and surveillance and digs deeper into how it’s all connected irrespective of where we live, what we do, or if we’re even human beings. It’s an interesting series to catch up on during travel, as you might end up deboarding the flight smarter than when you got in.

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4. The Office

You can never go wrong with The Office. Whether you’re watching, re-watching or re-re-watching, the Office guarantees you unlimited laughter, cringe moments and even tear-inducing ones. Whether it’s Jim shifting Dwight’s desk to the toilet, Michael burning his leg on the grill or that super awkward Dinner Party, we’re up for all the antics at Dunder Mifflin. After all, this sitcom has played such a large role in most of our lives. It’s almost as if we’re part of the Dunder Mifflin family. So, what can be a better flight journey than one where you’re binging on The Office?

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5. Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 4 has created a storm on social media. So, what can be a better show to binge-watch on a long tiring flight than this? However, if you’re not yet immersed in this world, then get ready to dive deep into the upside-down. Set in Indiana in the 80s, Stranger Things is a science fiction, drama-horror series that will keep you hooked from the word go. It delves deep into the world of friendship, the upside-down, family and scares like no other. You’ve got to watch it to experience the rage.