India’s Largest Aquatic Gallery With Shark Tunnels Opens Up In Ahmedabad’s Science City

by Tania Tarafdar
India’s Largest Aquatic Gallery With Shark Tunnels Opens Up In Ahmedabad’s Science City

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a host of ambitious projects including India’s largest aquatic gallery, robotic gallery, and a nature park in the Science City premises of Ahmedabad. He also inaugurated a revamped Vadnagar railway station, where he used to sell tea in his childhood. India’s largest aquatic gallery inaugurated by PM Modi, aims to merge science education with entertainment to encourage a scientific temperament. The first phase of Science City housed an IMAX 3D Theatre, a ‘hall of space’ and ‘hall of science’ in its main dome-shaped building. It also had an energy education park, a life science park, a children’s activity centre, simulated thrill rides, an amphitheatre, and a planet earth pavilion.

Shark Tunnel Will Be The Major Attraction

As per GCSC, Science City generates an annual footfall of over 8 lakhs. The second phase will include an aquatic gallery, a robotics gallery, and a nature park. The aquatic gallery will be spread over an area of over 15,000 square metre with 68 tanks comprising freshwater, brackish water, and marine water. The gallery will house 188 marine species, including amphibians and penguins, numbering. The shark tunnel which will have grey reef sharks, bonnethead sharks, and zebra sharks will be the key attraction.

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The Gallery Will Have Touchpad Displays & 5D Theatre

The gallery will have touchpad displays to select a species and to learn more about it. To learn more about the species, visitors can also scan a QR code on the touch-pad displays which would then redirect the viewer to a mobile application with more information. The gallery will also have an interactive exhibit and a 5D theatre. Indian Railway’s First Movable Freshwater Tunnel Aquarium Comes Up In Bengaluru Station.

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The construction and maintenance cost will be ₹260 crores and it will be the largest public aquarium in India. We can’t wait to visit this gallery.