BKC Dive Is Offering The Funkiest LIITs Starting November 1

by Natasha Monteiro
BKC Dive Is Offering The Funkiest LIITs Starting November 1

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BKC Dive is hosting a ‘Let’s get LIIT festival beginning November 1st and we’ve got to tell you, this one is going to be LIT AF!

What Is It?

When life hands you lemons, the best thing to do is head straight to DIVE at BKC and get them to make you a potent Long Island Ice Tea. If you love LIITs or know someone who does, then DIVE is making and offer that’s irresistible. Starting November 1st, DIVE is offering the funkiest LIITs in the craziest combinations. But that’s not the best part. They’re offering these potent drinks in Bongs and a twist of molecular gastronomy!

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That’s still not the best part though. If you order a half litre  (425 onwards) or a 1 litre LIIT  (650 onwards), you get another LIIT from the regular drinks menu for just ₹1. This offer is valid on Nov 1 only! Talk about Happy Hours! The LIIT Fest is going to start from Nov 1st and will be available all day!

What’s In It?

Some of the interesting LIITs on the offering are as follows:

Bombay Black (₹425 and ₹650 for 500ml and 1litre respectively)
(Potent LIIT Mix, Kala khatta flavor, Kala Namak, Chat Masala)

Manali Cream (₹475 and ₹750 for 500ml and 1litre respectively)
(Smirnoff, Bacardi Select, Tequila, Triple Sec, Gin, Thandai mixture, Pan flavour.)

Kashmir Ice (₹450 and ₹700 for 500ml and 1litre respectively)
(Potent LIIT Mix, Blue Curacao, Mint flavour, Lime Juice, Sprite)

Idukki Gold (₹450 and ₹700 for 500ml and 1litre respectively)
(Vodka, Malibu, Bacardi, Triple Sec, Tequila, Fresh Strawberries, Mint, Brown Sugar, Coconut Water, Soda)

Breaking Bad (₹450 and ₹700 for 500ml and 1litre respectively)
(Vodka, Bacardi, Tequila, Gin, Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, Grenadine, Soda)

It looks like a month of heady mixes and crazy concoctions! So let’s get LIIT!



Begin Date: 1st November, 2017
Servings: 0.5 ltr (price starts from 425 onwards) & 1ltr Bongs (price starts at 650 onwards)
Address: BKC Dive | B Wing Ground Floor, Pinnacle Corporate Park Next to Trade Center BKC, Mumbai 98


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