BLR Airport: Airline Stops Man From Boarding With Pet Fish; Airport Authorities Babysit It

by Shreya Ghosh
BLR Airport: Airline Stops Man From Boarding With Pet Fish; Airport Authorities Babysit It

Do you know that you can fly with your pet fish? Yes, you can fly on a flight with your fish only if it comes under the proper requirement specified by the airline. Air India allows passengers to carry pet fish but the water needs to be under a quantity of 100 ml. Recently, a passenger from Bengaluru faced a major issue while flying with the airline and he could not tag along with his pet on this journey. What happened that he had to leave the fish and go ahead to his destination? Read on to know all the details of this situation.

The Passenger Left His Fish At The Bengaluru Airport!

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Credits: Wikimedia

Aqib Hussain is the passenger we are talking about and he had to reach Srinagar at the earliest. According to a report by The Times Of India, he was in a hurry to reach Srinagar on 20 March as his mother fell ill the day before. With very little time in his hand, he could not pass on his pet fish to his friends in Bengaluru. Hence he decided to carry the 2-year-old fish with him. Aqib shared with TOI that he went ahead with Air India and its expensive ticket just because the airline let him carry his pet.

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Unfortunately, Aqib could not take his fish with him to Srinagar. He had to go through some terrible conversations with the airline executive where he allegedly had to face behaviour. Aqib shared that he was heartbroken by the situation and was forced to catch the flight without his 2-year-old pet fish. He had to leave it with the airline authorities.

This Is What The Airline Has To Say On This Incident

An officer of the airline shared with TOI that the water level of the fish bowl was not proper to get clearance. Also, the captain providing the clearance was the most significant decision for taking the pet on the flight. They tried to make the passenger understand the issues but he was not listening to them.

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The authorities have passed on the fish. It is now with one of Aqib’s relatives.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Canva