Blue Bottle Jellyfish Wash Up At Mumbai’s Juhu Beach Again; Here’s Why You Should Be Careful

by Shreya Shriyan
Blue Bottle Jellyfish Wash Up At Mumbai’s Juhu Beach Again; Here’s Why You Should Be Careful

Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is one of the most iconic beaches the city has to offer. Apart from its many food stalls and lively atmosphere, the beach also has a lot of marine life, that people tend to overlook. And one of these overlooked wonders is the blue bottle jellyfish. These beautiful yet dangerous sea creatures have washed up on Mumbai’s Juhu Beach, once again.

Blue Bottle Jellyfish Wash Up At Mumbai’s Juhu Beach

Over the past few days, the venomous yet deceptively beautiful blue bottle jellyfish, also recognised as the Portuguese man-of-war, have been spotted at Mumbai’s Juhu Beach. Every year, the monsoon winds wash the brightly coloured marine hydrozoans onto the shores, reported The Indian Express.

Once they reach the shore, they become trapped in the sand. Eventually, the tide carries some of them back, but the majority perish on the beach, stated the report. To raise awareness about avoiding contact with this marine species and what to do if stung, the government has asked citizens to be cautious, stated the report. 

Stings from these creatures can cause intense pain. While they are not fatal, they are surely injurious. X user @vlvernekar, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share some pictures of the jellyfish. He reportedly posted the pictures, taken from Mumbai’s Juhu beach.  The post also stated that the past few days have brought back the yearly monsoon visitors to the shores. 

He also wrote in his caption how their sting is painful but not fatal. The user also warned those who came across his post, about walking barefoot while on the beach.  Certain experts theorize that the increasing seawater temperature lures them towards the shore, reported The Indian Express.

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Has This Happened Before?

This is not the first time the jellyfish species has been spotted at the famous Juhu Beach. In 2021, the Director of the Coastal Conservation Foundation, Shaunak Modi, also tweeted an image of the jellyfish on Juhu Beach. His post showed how a blue bottle jellyfish was stranded on the beach after being washed up ashore, reported

To make the public aware, the Mangrove Cell had also been putting up several signboards along the beach. This was reportedly in association with the Marine Life of Mumbai (MLOM). The boards urged people not to come in contact with the jellyfish, stated the report. The blue bottle jellyfish’s sting causes a burning sensation, severely painful red rashes and swelling, stated 

Apart from their tentacles, these deep-sea creatures also possess a transparent, gas-filled bladder which aids their buoyancy, as per The Indian Express’s reports. As per the reports, experts say that the most efficient way to deal with it is to pour seawater on the stung area.

It is also advised that the injured individuals should avoid rubbing it or even washing the wound with warm water. The victims are then advised to visit a hospital, stated the report.

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While it is understandable that these sea creatures are pretty to look at, it is very important to note that touching them might not be in your best interest.

Cover image credits: Canva (Representative Image)