BMC Slaps Mumbai’s Lalbaugcha Raja With ₹3.6 Lakh Fine For Digging Roads

by Shreya Ghosh
BMC Slaps Mumbai’s Lalbaugcha Raja With ₹3.6 Lakh Fine For Digging Roads

Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal is known everywhere for huge Ganesh idols and the grand celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi every year. Thousands line up here to witness the glory of the festival. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation now fined the Lalbaugcha Raja committee for creating over a hundred potholes on roads and footpaths during the Ganeshotsav just a couple of weeks back.

BMC Fines Mumbai’s Lalbaugcha Raja With ₹3.66 Lakh!

BMC officials inspected the roads of Mumbai after the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. The inspection process was conducted to see if any committee dug the roads or damaged them somehow for their own purposes and to celebrate the festival in their pandals. Following these, the E ward of BMC issued a notice to Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal and slapped a fine of ₹3.66 lakh for digging about 183 potholes on the Mumbai roads.

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Lalbaugcha Raja
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The Illegal Railings Damaged A Stretch Of The City

According to the notice issued by the BMC, they found a total of 183 potholes. Among these, 150 holes fall on the area from Dattaram Maratha Lad Marg Junction to Nekjat Maratha building and the rest 53 are on the footpath. The notice also mentions that they found illegal barricades and railings on 5 September. Ajay Yadav is the assistant municipal corporation of the E ward and he shared that the organisers of Lalbaugcha Raja dug these for controlling the immense crowd with barricades and railings. They slapped a fine of ₹2,000 for 1 pothole. Overall, the civic body imposed a fine of ₹3.66 lakh for 183 potholes.

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This is not the first time when the committee needs to pay a fine for digging potholes in the city. The Mandal committee paid a hefty amount of ₹60 lakh fine in the past. It was a 5-year fine for a time period from 2013 to 2018.

According to a report of Mid-day, the President of the Mandal, Balasaheb Kamble denied this notice by the BMC. He said that the Mandal comes under the jurisdiction of F South Ward of BMC. And how is it possible for the E ward to send them a notice?

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