Board Trains At These 7 Indian Railway Stations For Your International Vacations

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by Ankita Mazumdar
Board Trains At These 7 Indian Railway Stations For Your International Vacations

The travel bug is real and everyone around us seems to be heading off to beach destinations for exotic summer vibes or the mountains to escape the heatwaves. Regardless, the places are crowded with surging prices for travel, accommodations, restaurants and other touristy things. If you want to travel to neighbouring countries of India without spending loads of money on airfare then, here are seven Indian railway stations eligible for international travel to neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. This is also perfect for individuals who are aerophobic!

7 Indian Railway Stations Facilitating International Travels

1. Old Delhi Railway Station

Starting with the most known Indian railway station that has ideal connections and facilities for international expeditions. It is also known as Delhi Junction, perfect for people who want to travel to Pakistan. More like a train to Pakistan, not like the scarring book by Khushwant Singh, but an actual train journey to Pakistan. This is a humungous railway station in India and acts as a hub of transportation between the Indian and Pakistan borders.

2. Attari Shyam Singh Railway Station

Another famous Indian railway station known for travelling to Pakistan is Attari Junction. This iconic station is located near the India-Pakistan border in Amritsar, Punjab. Why is it so iconic? Well, it is the last railway station in Indian land before the Pakistan border starts at the popular Wagah village in Amritsar. Therefore, this place has stricter laws and regulations for customs and immigration checks for passengers travelling between these neighbouring countries.

3. Jaynagar Railway Station

If you are planning to vacation in the serene landscapes of Nepal, then book your trains from Jaynagar Railway Station in Bihar, India. This is a five-station platform located in the Madhubani district and acts as a prominent terminal railway station. It is perfectly situated near the Indo-Nepal border as half of the section of Jaynagar Railway Station is operated by Indian Railways and the other half by Nepal Railways. That is so interesting!

4. Raxaul Junction

This is another junction in Bihar that enables international travel to Nepal. Back in the day, this acted as the foremost connection to Nepal’s first railway line. This is located near Birgunj, a city in Nepal, and becomes an essential point for entry to this country, hence, it is considered an important station on the Indo-Nepal border. Other than that, it connects major metropolitan cities, Delhi and Kolkata.

5. Petrapole Railway Station

Located near the Indo-Bangladesh border in West Bengal, this Indian railway station acts as a significant point for transportation for import, export and tourism. Here, they also handle massive freight traffic; it is always busy at Petrapole. It was only after the 1947 partition that Petrapole Railway Station was built on Indian land and Benapole Railway Station became a vital terminus in Bangladesh. Remember, the passengers travelling to Bangladesh from India need a valid passport and visa. Dream about yummy hilsa curry, fresh seafood and local cuisine till you reach your destination!

6. Haldibari Railway Station

The Cooch Behar district in West Bengal houses Haldibari Railway Station. The tracks of this railway station are for some of the most important trains in India like Intercity Express, Darjeeling Mail, Mitali Express and more. It acts as a major station on the Bangladesh–India border from Bengal as it is merely 4.5 km from the Bangladesh border! After wars, debates and banned pathways, the Haldibari-Chilahati link was relaunched with freight functions in 2021. This route crosses New Jalpaiguri in India and Dhaka in Bangladesh.

7. Radhikapur Railway Station

The last important Indian railway station for international travel is Radhikapur Railway Station located in Uttar Dinajpur district in West Bengal. It serves as a significant checkpoint on the India–Bangladesh border even though it just has two platforms and three railway tracks. Hence, stricter regulations and checks are followed for land customs in export and import.

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Now that you know all about these Indian railway stations eligible for international travel, which neighbouring country are you going to visit first?

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