British Airways Loses Bangalore Techie’s Bag Containing Laptop, Airpods And Other Things

by Shreya Rathod
British Airways Loses Bangalore Techie’s Bag Containing Laptop, Airpods And Other Things

Another passenger’s luggage went missing on a British Airways flight! A Bangalore techie was travelling on the British Airways flight from Chicago to Bangalore via London. He has evidently lost many of his valuables! Here’s what happened with his luggage on the British Airways flight.

Bangalore Man Lost Valuables On A British Airways Flight

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The 40-year-old Bangalore resident, Anupam Jain, was travelling back home on a British Airways flight. At the Bengaluru airport, he discovered that one of his bags was stolen, and when he got home, he discovered that one of his suitcases had been opened. On July 28, he arrived in Bengaluru on British Airways aircraft BA 119 from London and reported that the suitcase he had purchased for his daughter was gone.

According to him, the missing valuables included a brand-new laptop, a Kindle, a pair of Airpods, an Apple watch, a dash camera and his child’s backpack. He even tried contacting the airline staff. Though the staff told him that a probe was on, he didn’t receive any information about it. In fact, he didn’t hear from the staff until Saturday evening.

Similar Cases Of Missing Luggage

british airways flight
Credits: WIkimedia

Earlier this month, English cricketer Ben Stokes also reported about his missing luggage while travelling by British Airways. In fact, he took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and asked the airline to help him find his missing baggage.

Katherine Jenkins, a Welsh singer, also witnessed a similar situation. In fact, she criticised the airline for misplacing her luggage again. She had an appearance scheduled in Rome for a Christmas concert in the presence of Pope Francis.

According to a Business Insider report, a passenger took a British Airways flight from Heathrow to Basel. The passenger had one large checked-in suitcase and two cabin bags. The staff insisted on putting everything in check-in because there was no place on the flight. After landing, the passenger received a message stating that one of her check-in bags did not reach the flight.

The passenger had to spend thirty minutes in search of her missing bag which had all her clothes and other essential items.

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