5 Budget-Friendly European Destinations You Can Fly To Under ₹20K

by Vinita Jain
5 Budget-Friendly European Destinations You Can Fly To Under ₹20K

Europe is one of the most popular and fascinating destinations for travelers. A holiday to Europe is expensive? No, it’s a myth. One should just plan wisely, in order to save as well as roam around this continent and can enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes, picturesque views, and cultural places. So if you are planning to visit Europe, here are some budget-friendly countries you can check out.

1. Latvia

Latvia is surrounded by Russia, Estonia, and the Baltic Sea. Latvia is rich in natural beauty, and Latvia is mass-tourism free. Along with the breathtaking views, dense forests, and notable wooden art., it is one of the safest and budget-friendly places in Europe. The plus point here is that it is also convenient for single ones, families, and your buddies.

5 Budget-Friendly European destinations one can fly up to under Rs 20000
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2. Hungary

A country located in Central Europe, As the name suggests it does have a relation with food, it is the home to many culinary spreads and for its richness in the wine. Not just this it is also famous for its architecture of famous Buda’s medieval Castle, and its vibrant nightlife. For making your trip more Budget-friendly choose March, the tickets are comparatively cheaper. For accommodation, you can either opt for hostels or hotels which will charge around ₹3000 to ₹4000.

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3. Slovakia

Slovakia is also known as the land of fables and castles. The flight charges are a little expensive compared to the other places but for cheaper tickets opt for the month of February. The accommodation ranges around ₹3500 to ₹4000. It is the heart of Europe and because of its diversity in its scenic beauty, it is a popular spot among couples and families.

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4. Bulgaria

Famous for its folk tales, opera, churches, archeological sites and musicians it is one of the most affordable and exotic European countries, which shares its borders with Serbia, North Macedonia, Turkey, and Greece. Winter Sports Activities, regional cuisine, magnificent landscapes, the natural beauty, and a lot more. You can make your trip more affordable by choosing budget-friendly food and accommodation options.

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5. Greece

The Cradle of western civilization is a dream destination for a huge number of travel bugs. The irony here is that this place is pretty affordable. The flavorsome Greek Food, cheap wine, hostel dorms, and public transport can help you in keeping your budget intact. Taxis are on the expensive side so for savings opt for public buses, or either rent a car. Yes, it does have high price options too but it is your choice to opt for fancy and expensive places or places with reasonable prices.

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