Bye Bye Legends! Zomato Suspends Intercity Deliveries; Hikes Platform Fee For Users By 25%

Zomato’s Intercity Legends allowed users to order food from top restaurants in major cities in India and has now been suspended by the company.

by Tashika Tyagi
Bye Bye Legends! Zomato Suspends Intercity Deliveries; Hikes Platform Fee For Users By 25%

Zomato has decided to suspend its intercity food delivery service, Intercity Legends. This popular feature on the food delivery platform allowed you to order iconic and famous dishes from other cities of India. For now, this section of the app has been suspended and its tab on the app says, “Enhancements are underway.” Read on to know more about this and other updates you will notice on the Zomato app.

Zomato Bids Adieu To Legends, Its Intercity Food Delivery Service

Zomato Legends
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In some bad news for the foodies in the country, Zomato has decided to suspend its Intercity Legends service. If you click on the ‘Legends’ tab on the app, you’ll find a ‘Closed now. Will be back soon’ notification on this section. Furthermore, it also says, “Enhancements are underway. Please stay tuned as we will be back to serve you soon.” So, while this suspension looks temporary, it has surely upset the food lovers who love trying popular dishes from other cities in the comfort of their homes!

According to reports, Zomato took this step as the revamped version of Legends did not see many transactions among users. In fact, the company even faced a legal issue when a Delhi resident accused them of delivering pre-stocked food from a warehouse instead of the renowned restaurants in other cities.

In its initial launch in 2022, Zomato allowed food delivery from select restaurants in certain cities to a specific set of cities. However, since the revamp, the food delivery company started delivering pre-stocked items from other cities. This allowed a shorter delivery timeline and even more cities to fall under this model.

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Also Decides To Raise Platform Fees By 25% Per Order

Zomato Legends
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Besides the suspension of Legends, Zomato has also decided to hike its platform fees by 25% per order. Effective April 20, Zomato has increased this fee to ₹5 per order. The platform fee is a per-order flat charge levied by the company. As per reports, this fee will be increased in areas including the National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow.

Ever since its introduction in August 2023, Zomato has been increasing its platform fees to boost its margins and profits. Initially, the platform fee was ₹2, it was subsequently increased to ₹4 on January 1, 2024, before this latest hike.

So, you won’t be able to have Biryani from Hyderabad or rasgullas from Kolkata delivered to your doorsteps any longer! Let us know your take on these two steps by Zomato in the comments section.

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