Can Microdosing Of Mushrooms Help In Mental Illnesses Treatment? Study Reveals The Answer

by Shreya Ghosh

There are many prescribed solutions available for the aiding of mental illnesses and disorders. From medicines to therapy from professionals, patients choose different and preferred modes for treatment and have good mental health. It looks like mushrooms may help in dealing with such illnesses through microdosing. What are the benefits and how can this ingredient work in benefitting disorders?

Here’s How Mushrooms Might Help In The Treatment Of Mental Illnesses


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Psilocybin is an important ingredient in mushrooms and also has psychedelic characteristics. A recent study shared by the University of Southern Denmark revealed how psilocybin has the potential to be helpful in the treatment by the process of microdosing. Study reveals that this ingredient in mushrooms can turn out to be of use to mental illnesses such as addiction cases and depression, according to a report by Hindustan Times. For this aiding process, therapy is important including the usage of psilocybin in a high dose.

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Psilocybin is considered a psychedelic substance according to the past research. Recent studies show exciting results and focus on how this might also help in the entire process of aiding different types of psychiatric disorders.

How Does The Treatment Process With Psilocybin Look Like?


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This important ingredient in mushrooms brings out its power and benefits to aid such mental illnesses in therapeutic treatment processes. Professional therapists help the patients in the treatment procedures where they enter a proper ambience. They go through an entire therapeutic regime and use psilocybin for the treatment. Patients need to undergo some sessions for the proper experiences. Right now, professionals are undergoing tests and experiments at Bispebjerg Hospital and more hospitals.

Microdosing is the process of dosing a drug consecutively in a very small amount. An experiment has been conducted on rats with small yet repeated doses of this ingredient. It revealed that the rats were able to bear the dosing at different times. Not only they were able to put up with the dosing, but the results turned out to reveal how rats showed less compulsive behaviours. Also, they were more strong when it came to deal with stress.

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