Can You Stay Fit While Taking A Metro In Dubai? Well, Dubai RTA Has A Full-Proof Plan To Make Sure You Do

by Deeplata Garde
Can You Stay Fit While Taking A Metro In Dubai? Well, Dubai RTA Has A Full-Proof Plan To Make Sure You Do

A city known for its opulent skyline and dynamic lifestyle, Dubai offers a myriad of opportunities to embrace fitness. But it’s challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle with long work hours and after-work commute hours. So how about the commute to help you with your fitness? Well here’s how Dubai RTA is helping Emiratis follow a healthy lifestyle by joining fitness centres.

New Initiative By Dubai RTA Regarding Health

Dubai RTA
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Do travel through the city using Dubai’s efficient public transport network? An exciting route to weave fitness seamlessly into daily routines has emerged. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has unveiled a resourceful initiative. It is offering public transport users a curated catalogue of parks, gyms, football fields, and tennis courts. All of these would be guided in close proximity to transportation hubs throughout the emirate.

This innovative service extends itself through accessible channels. Enthusiasts can effortlessly access the list online via the RTA’s official website. Alternatively, a self-service information kiosk stationed at Dubai Metro or Dubai Tram Stations can be spotted easily. This will offer a user-friendly way to access the information. To enhance convenience, the RTA has meticulously crafted a fitness space map. It will pinpoint the various options near public transport stations. While some of these venues may require a short bus ride or a quick taxi journey, their accessibility remains noteworthy.

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Download The S’hail App To Find The Nearby Fitness Centre

Intriguingly, determining the feasibility of walking to a fitness centre nearby or identifying available bus routes can be easily found on the S’hail app. It is an indispensable tool in your fitness journey.

Are relentless work hours blocking your gym aspirations? What if a stimulating workout session was a mere hop from the Metro station etched into your daily transit? The RTA’s thoughtfully assembled list and map of fitness hubs turn this dream into a reality. Also, adjoining public transport stations and fashioning a fitness routine that harmonizes with your timetable is easy.

So why not embrace this opportunity and experience the transformative idea of public transport and fitness? Overall, the heart of Dubai welcomes you to embrace a fitter lifestyle, effortlessly intertwined with your daily commutes.

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