Catch Your Fish & Eat It Too At This Unique Japanese Restaurant

by Sushmita Mahanta
Catch Your Fish & Eat It Too At This Unique Japanese Restaurant

Did you know Japan has a unique restaurant where you can catch your fish and eat it too? Sounds unbelievable right? Recently a viral video showing how you can catch your own fish from a pool in a restaurant before eating it has been surfacing on the internet. Yes, you read it right! A video shared by Instagram user @hangrybynature features the restaurant Zauo Fishing in Osaka, Japan, which lets customers experience this unique way of dining. Read on to know more details.

Know All About This Unique Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant Zauo Fishing in Osaka, Japan is bringing its customers a unique way of dining. Once you are inside the restaurant, you will be able to catch your own fish. After you have caught your fish, the restaurant will make an announcement to celebrate the achievement and click a picture of you with the fish. Once it’s done, the fish will finally be sent to the chef who will then cook it as per your taste and preferences. The viral video was uploaded on Instagram with the caption, “Who do you wanna go fishing with in Japan?” Take a look:

Reactions Of Netizens

After the video went viral on Instagram, people flocked to the comment section to share their opinions. The video is also doing well in terms of views and likes – it already has more than 5 million views and 302k plus likes.
The comments too are interesting. A lot of users found the fishing experience quite unique. One user writes, “Kbbq: cook it yourself. This restaurant: I’ll do you one better,” while another adds, “😭 I see a lot of folk mad about this but the live lobster tanks never bothered y’all?” A third one replies, “Fishing sounds like a great idea to do 😍. ”

Now that you know of this unique Japanese restaurant, when are you planning to visit? Do let us know in the comments section below!

Feature image courtesy – Instagram/hangrybynature