Celebrate Espresso Martini Day With These Quick DIY Martinis At Home

by Mallika Khurana
Celebrate Espresso Martini Day With These Quick DIY Martinis At Home

Do you like drinking cocktails as well as coffee? Mark March 15 on your calendars because that day is National Espresso Martini Day. This popular drink, which offers the ideal balance of coffee and alcohol, has established itself as a standard in many pubs and households all over the world. Using vodka or rum, shaken or stirred, this caffeinated mixture will offer you the ideal pick-me-up for any situation. Raise a glass with us as we commemorate Espresso Martini Day and toast the ideal union of two of life’s greatest pleasures: coffee and cocktails!

Up for an ideal celebration? Follow these recipes and you will have your exquisite Espresso Martini ready to sip!

Best Recipes To Try For Espresso Martini Day

1. Espresso Martini By Butterfly High, Mumbai

Butterfly High Espresso Martini
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This perfect and easy recipe by Avril Gonsalves, Head Mixologist at Butterfly High, Mumbai, is simple to follow and comes out extremely delicious. Mix 45 ml of Vodka, an espresso shot, and 15 ml of Kahlua in a shaker filled with ice and shake ferociously for a frothy texture. Pour it over a martini glass and sip away!

2. Espresso Martini By Silly, Mumbai

Silly Espresso Martini
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This Silly Espresso by Latesh Kotian, the Beverage Director at Silly, Khar is an inventive take on the traditional espresso Martini that incorporates aromas of caramel from whisky and is revivingly made with arabica cold brew. In a shaker filled with some ice, add 60 ml of blended Scotch Whiskey, 10 ml of Vanilla Pod Syrup, 5 ml of Chocolate Dunk Sauce, and 60 ml of Arabica Cold Brew and shake it well for a beautiful finish. Dust some chocolate on the rim of a martini glass and pour your chocolaty martini over it.

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3. Espresso Martini By Maai, Goa

Maai Espresso Martini
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This recipe by Mayur Malik, the Head Mixologist at Maai, Goa, is as simple as an Espresso Martini gets! Simply mix and shake 45 ml of Vanilla infused Vodka, 15 ml of Kahlua, 10 ml of Irish Cream, and a 30 ml Espresso Shot, and there you go! Your perfect Espresso Martini is ready to be savoured.

4. Espresso Martini By Elephant & Co, Goa

Elephant Espresso Martini
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Last but not least, this recipe by Rahul Kamath, the Head Mixologist at Elephant & Co, Goa, is unique and you need to try it! In a cocktail shaker, combine 30 ml of vodka, 30 ml of Coffee liqueur, 30 ml of Espresso, 5 ml of Hazelnut syrup and 2 dashes of Saline Solution. Shake vigorously until the beverage is well-chilled and blended. Use three coffee beans as a garnish after double straining in a cold coupe glass. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

So, which one are you trying tomorrow?

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