Chef Avinash Martins Shares What Meal He Typically Has At Home; Gives A Peek Into His Lunch Menu!

by Tejashee Kashyap

Chef Avinash Martins is a renowned chef from Goa who has made a name for himself in the culinary world with his unique style of cooking and innovative recipes. He is a self-taught chef who has honed his skills over the years through his passion for food and experimentation with different ingredients and techniques. Well in his latest reel, the chef gave a glimpse of his typical summer lunch treat at home and it’s a delicious and mouth-watering spread!

What’s Cooking At Home?


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Goa has a range of delicious and refreshing foods that are perfect for the hot summer months. From Sol Kadhi to Goan Fish Curry, there is something for everyone to enjoy. A typical Goan lunch offers a range of delicious and refreshing food that is perfect for beating the heat. And Chef Martins’s typical meal at home is exactly that!

The first dish that Chef shows us is the Goan King Fish Head Curry. The tender and succulent King Fish head is the star ingredient of this dish in a spicy and tangy mango curry. The combination of the tangy curry with the tender and succulent fish head makes it a true delicacy.

Next up was the Clams Dry Masala dish which is a traditional seafood dish. Its unique flavour profile makes it a true representation of the coastal state’s culinary traditions and cultural heritage. Then, the chef prepared a dish with Bhindi or ladyfinger. It really looked well with the spices making way for a delicious and satisfying flavour. Moreover, there were also giant crabs cooked with lemon butter, salad, pickles, king fish fried and stuffed mango with spices as a side dish.

The whole lunch menu looked delicious and authentic which showed how a typical summer lunch is prepared in a Goan household.

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Chef Avinash Martins’s Tryst With Goan Food


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Born and raised in Goa, India, Chef Martins grew up in a family where food was an integral part of their culture and traditions. He inherited his love for cooking from his mother, who was an excellent cook. She passed on her culinary knowledge and skills to him.

Chef Martins is best known for his innovative recipes that blend traditional Indian flavours with modern cooking techniques. He is particularly famous for his seafood dishes, which he prepares using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Moreover, his food is a fusion of traditional Goan ingredients and cooking techniques with modern culinary trends and flavours.

In addition, what do you think of this decadent summer lunch menu?

Cover image credits: Instagram/Chef Avinash Martins