Chef Ranveer Brar Reminisces About Summer’s “Unsung Heroes”; These Fruits Should Make A Comeback STAT

Ranveer Brar suggests going back to how our grandmas dealt with the changing seasons and including these summer fruits in our diet to deal with the season change.

by Tashika Tyagi
Chef Ranveer Brar Reminisces About Summer’s “Unsung Heroes”; These Fruits Should Make A Comeback STAT

No matter how many diet fads or fancy foods we include in our diet, at the end of the day, nothing compares to our dadi and nani ke nuskhe! And Chef Ranveer Brar suggests doing just that to keep healthy and safe during this hot season! The popular chef took to Instagram to share the benefits of some “unsung heroes” of summer that we all should include in our diets to keep fit and healthy. In his long post, he suggested that we all should “go back to how our grandmas dealt with the changing seasons.” Can you guess which fruits Ranveer Brar is talking about here? Read on to find out!

Ranveer Brar Suggests Including These “Unsung Heroes” In Summer Diet


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Chef Ranveer Brar shared a long post on his Instagram to talk about summer’s “unsung heroes” that we all should include in our lifestyle this season. The four fruits mentioned by the chef are – jackfruit, bel (wood apple), singhara (water chestnut), and tadgola (ice apple). He even listed some benefits of them in his post and reminisced how he used to have them all the time in his childhood while growing up in a small town, all thanks to his “biji”.

Chef Brar started the post by mentioning the benefits of “growing up in a joint family in a small town.” He said that it had helped him learn his “grandmothers’ ways of dealing with the ecosystem, especially the change of seasons.” He further went on to talk about how mangoes are the ultimate summer fruit but there are some “unsung heroes that bring a lot to your summer table.”

While concluded the post, Ranveer Brar added, “In an age where local and seasonal is “it”, let’s go back to how our grandmas dealt with the changing seasons & start conversations with vendors about what they sell. It’s nature’s intention to help us deal with the change of seasons. All we need to do is look around and use what’s given to us. This summer, make these unsung heroes a part of your lifestyle!”

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Why Should These Fruits Be Part Of Your Summer Lifestyle?

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Chef Ranveer Brar has surely touched on the right nerve with this post! While having fruits throughout the year is important, one must not forget the importance of indulging in seasonal fruits and reaping their benefits. It is incredibly important to include local fruits like jackfruit, bel, singhara, and tadgola in your diet as they’re highly nutritious and beneficial for your body, especially during the hot season.

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To make you understand their importance, we have listed a few benefits of these summer fruits (as approved by Chef Brar) below –

  1. Jackfruit – Due to its high water content, antioxidants, and minerals, jackfruit is highly recommended for summer. It can even prevent skin damage and help improve heart health.
  2. Bel (Wood Apple) – Having bel juice during summer is amazing for your body. It acts as a coolant, can help through heat stroke, and boost immunity and digestive health.
  3. Singhara (Water Chestnut) – Rich in antioxidants, singhara helps quench your thirst and promotes salivation, which is good during hot weather. It is also great for your skin and hair in this weather.
  4. Tadgola (Ice Apple) – Known by various names, ice apple is one summer delight you should include in your diet this season. It is high in fibre and can also improve your digestive health.

So, which of these fruits are you adding to your summer diet? Let us know in the comments!

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