Chef Vikas Khanna Recreates Karnataka’s Sri Venkataramana Temple’s Mitha Poha Prasad; Recipe Inside

by Tooba Shaikh
Chef Vikas Khanna Recreates Karnataka’s Sri Venkataramana Temple’s Mitha Poha Prasad; Recipe Inside

Chef Vikas Khanna is one of the most iconic celebrity chefs in the country. At this point, he is a household name that every Indian is familiar with. The uber-talented chef recently took to his social media and shared a recipe for an iconic prasad distributed at one of the most famous temples in Karnataka. He even shared a heartwarming memory that he shares featuring the prasad. Keep reading for the full recipe!

Chef Vikas Khanna Recreates Sri Venkataramana Temple’s Prasad


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Chef Vikas Khanna is widely adored in the country. Recently, he shared a recipe of mitha poha prasad that he cherished eating at the iconic Sri Venkataramana Temple in the Karkala region of Karnataka. He recalls paying around ₹70 for the bus ride which took him to the temple which, at the time, he thought was a lot.

He cherished the serene memories of the place and recalled how immaculate the ambience and vibe of the temple were. He certainly misses visiting the temple now. Since he could not immediately visit the temple, he attempted to recreate the mitha poha or aval prasadam.

He talks about how inextricably linked memories are to food and hence, he wanted to attempt to recreate something similar for those who also wanted to revisit the temple through their kitchen.

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Here’s How You Can Make The Mitha Poha Prasad

Chef Vikas Khanna
Image Credits: @vikaskhannagroup/Instagram

Step 1: Soak your preferred amount of Poha in water for some time.

Step 2: In a pan, heat ghee and separately roast raisins, cashews, and freshly grated coconut in it. Set these aside for now.

Step 3: Heat some more ghee, add the soaked poha to the pan and roast it for a while. 

Step 4: In a separate pan, heat a bit of water and add some jaggery. Let it simmer for a while.

Step 5: Add a few crushed cardamom pods to the jaggery.

Step 6: Add the soaked poha to the mix and stir well. Let it cook for a while.

Step 7: Add the roasted raisins and cashews to the mitha poha.

Step 8: Garnish with black sesame and wrap it in a banana leaf.

Your mitha poha is ready to enjoy!

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Have you ever visited this iconic temple? Would you want to try and recreate the prasad? Let us know in the comments below!

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