Chennai Businessman Builds A Mini Taj Mahal In Tamil Nadu In Honour Of His Late Mother

by Mallika Khurana
Chennai Businessman Builds A Mini Taj Mahal In Tamil Nadu In Honour Of His Late Mother

Have you ever wondered why the Taj Mahal found a place among the seven wonders of the world? Is it all because of the marvellous architecture with exquisite details? Not really. It is widely renowned as a symbol of infinite and pure love. A token of devotion from a husband to a wife, the sight of this monument stays with everyone who visits it once. While no Taj Mahal or replica can ever measure up to the profound love of the mother, a businessman from Chennai attempted to pay tribute to his deceased mother with a mini Taj Mahal.

A Chennai Man Built A Mini Taj Mahal To Pay Tribute To His Late Mother

Mini Taj Mahal
Photo Credits: Canva (Rep Image)

Its importance as an insignia of affection is well established in the world, so much so that many over the years have tried to replicate its architecture as well as the feeling of love. We have all heard of replicas created by husbands for their wives. However, nothing tops the love of a mother, does it? Like every child, Amarudeen Sheik Dawood Sahib, a resident of Tiruvarur in Chennai, has had a loving relationship with his mother ever since he was a kid. 

A brother of four sisters, he lost his father when he was little. He saw his mother, Jailaini Beevi, look after the siblings all on her own. She not only took over his father’s business but also did well and ultimately got the daughters married into good families. Amarudeen started helping his mother with work early and finally took over the business. He had immense love and respect for all the hardships she went through for her children.

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It Opened To The Public On June 2

Taj Mahal Chennai
Photo Credits: Canva (Rep Image)

When she passed away in 2020, he was shaken. In honour of his beloved mother, who passed away on a new moon day, Amarudeen Sheik decided to offer biryani to 1000 people every new moon day since. His love for her was so deep that this gesture fell short as a tribute. That is when he decided to build a mini Taj Mahal in the name of his mother.

He bought an acre of land in his ancestral village, Ammayiappan. He began the process of construction with the help of a builder friend. Amarudeen imported marble from Rajasthan and hired workers to start the construction. Once the work was done, this mini Taj Mahal was opened to the public on June 2. This replica also has a madrasa for students as well as meditation centres for visitors.

Not only is the unconditional love of a mother incomparable, but the devotion it can inspire in children is incomparable as well.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva