Chicago’s McDonald’s Introduces McAloo Tikki & Desis Say They Manifested This!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Chicago’s McDonald’s Introduces McAloo Tikki & Desis Say They Manifested This!

Desis in Chicago are rejoicing. Why? Well, Chicago’s McDonald’s has introduced the McAloo Tikki. This burger a favourite in India has now made its way all the way to the USA to tantalise the taste buds of burger lovers. Call it the power of globalisation or the demand of vegans getting fulfilled, but McAloo Tikki is here to stay in Chicago. Read on for more burger love!

McAloo Tikki Makes Its Way To McDonald’s In Chicago

Saurabh Dak took to Instagram to share a reel and inform foodies in Chicago about the hot new burger in town. In his reel, the blogger shows that McDonald’s Global Menu Restaurant now serves McAloo Tikki. On the display screen, you can spot a picture of the delicious desi burger with the caption ‘taste a veggie burger spiced just right’.


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A delicious patty made with potatoes and peas, spiced with samosa seasonings is cradled between two whole wheat buns. The burger has freshly cut onions and sliced tomatoes and a creamy egg-free tomato mayo to add the extra punch. The world’s largest food chain has called McAloo Tikki a great addition to its vegan menu. Saurabh Dak, in his caption, mentions that the McAloo Tikki in McDonald’s in Chicago is a great indicator of globalisation.

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Netizens Overjoyed By This!

With Aloo Tikki making its mark in the popular American fast-food chain, desis are elated. @pranali.anerao comments that she manifested this a week back. Then again, there were many Instagrammers who requested McDonald’s to bring the McAloo Tikki to their cities too like Los Angeles, New Jersey, Houston and more. Some even wanted the fast-food giant to bring the desi dish all the way to the UK and Canada. 

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Perhaps, this needs manifesting too! Meanwhile, this is yet another great addition to the menu for vegans. Earlier McDonald’s introduced McPlant, a vegan burger made of a plant-based meat substitute from Beyond Meat. But it was later discontinued due to its complexity and cost.

So, desis the next time you visit Chicago and you’re craving for a desi burger you know where to head!

Cover Image Courtesy: McDonald’s Blog