A Waterfall Inside A Cave In Iceland Is A Sight To Behold

by Ekta Suri
A Waterfall Inside A Cave In Iceland Is A Sight To Behold


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Enjoy a waterfall in an ice cave that radiates crystal blue light when the sun rays fall on its otherwise jet black ice.

What Is It?

It’s an awe-inspiring glacial activity! Ice caves are particularly special because they are naturally formed within a glacier when the temperatures drop each winter and then disappear when it gets warm again in the summer making them once in a lifetime memory. One can experience this natural phenomenon in extremely cold regions of the world like Greenland, Iceland, Canada and few more countries.

An Ice Cave radiating blue light


About Ice Caves

Icelandic Ice Caves are more easily accessible than the ones in Greenland and are more beautiful than the ones in Canada. Because Ice caves are a winter phenomena so if you are traveling to Iceland in winters, your trip would be incomplete without this jaw-dropping beauty, a waterfall inside a crystal blue ice cave. And not just any ice cave but the one within Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull.

Vatnajokull Glacier

How To Get There?

Book yourself with a local tour operator to experience this isolated, difficult to access and one of the unique ice cave in the world.
This particular ice caving tour takes around 4 hours. The meeting point is Hali Country Hotel, 13 km east of Jokulsarlon. Around 30-minute drive to the location of the cave is one of the most picturesque serene drives that will make you forget every worry in the world.

Picturesque drive click

After the drive, hike to the ice cave is around 45 minutes. The experience is like Jon Snow traveling to the North of the wall `because the view from various points of Vatnajokull glacier is mesmerizing.This particular hike involves crossing another waterfall using ropes and passing through the hard terrains of the glacier.

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Vatnajokull Glacier Hiking
Vatnajokull Glacier hiking

What’s In It?

After reaching the crystal cave, the adrenaline rush, the happiness one experiences is beyond words. The beauty of the cave is mesmerizing.

Nature caved this cave out of jet black old snow of the glacier but then it was radiating crystal blue light when the sun rays were falling on it. A classic example of the wonders of the mother nature. It’s some mystical dreamland.

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What’s Unique?

Famous Movies and shows have been shot at the Vatnajokull Glacier like Game Of Thrones, Batman Begins, Fantastic Four and many others.


The cost of an ice caving tour in Iceland starts from 13k and can go up to 22k depending on your pick up point and distance from the cave. In winters the public transport is negligible, that’s why some of the tourists opt for pickups to witness these majestic stunning natural sights.

Because this tour promises an unforgetful experience, its always in demand. Hence, book it well in advance with the local tour operators. But, be ready for last moment cancellations if the tour guide decides that it’s not safe to enter the cave due to bad weather conditions. Full refund will be provided when canceled by the operator

Wear lot of layers and keep yourself warm because up the glacier temperatures are really low

Best time to visit
November to March. Because its’a winter phenomena and the ice caves start melting later than that.

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