Citizens Of 80+ Countries Can Enter The UAE Visa-Free, Here’s All About It

by Anupriya Mishra
Citizens Of 80+ Countries Can Enter The UAE Visa-Free, Here’s All About It

UAE is a land of opportunities for many people, offering plenty of employment choices for those seeking jobs and fantastic tourist places worth checking out for travellers. Yes, there is something for everyone. As a result, many people want to travel to the country to experience this for themselves, so if you also happen to be one of them, you might want to check if your country is eligible for visa-free entry or not. We say this because the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants visa-free entry to nationals of more than 80 countries. Here’s more about this visa-related development.

Visa-Free Entry To The UAE For Citizens Of 80+ Countries

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According to a recent report by Al Khaleej, it was revealed that the UAE grants visa-free entry to more than 80 nationals. However, a report by Arabian Business on the same topic also mentions that there are 115 countries that do require pre-approved visas. As it happens, information about all the countries that are eligible for visa-free entry has been given on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Not to mention, the list of these nations and the details regarding their visa exemption can also be found there.

Moreover, the UAE Digital Government also mentioned that citizens from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can enter the UAE without a visa or a sponsor. All they will have to do is present the passport issued by the GGC or an ID card at the entry ports. So, depending on the origin of their country, travellers will be given an entry visa of 30 days with a grace period of 10 additional days or a 90-day visa.

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Indian Citizens Also Granted This Visa After Meeting Certain Terms

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Did you know that Indian citizens who meet certain criteria such as holding a US visit visa or even a resident card or resident visa from European Union countries and the UK can also obtain a 14-day visa on arrival? Yes, this can also be extended for an additional 14 days if the need arises. However, it should be noted that those countries that have not been given the exemption, need to have an entry permit. The mandatory permit is dependent on the purpose of the visit and should always be acquired from the GDRFA, General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs before travelling to the UAE.

So, make sure to go through the list to see if you are country has visa-free entry in the UAE or not.

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