Colombian Glacier Ritacuba Blanco Is Melting Away Due To El Nino & Climate Change

It is a horrifying time for us, all living beings, and nature.

by Shreya Ghosh
Colombian Glacier Ritacuba Blanco Is Melting Away Due To El Nino & Climate Change

The effects of climate change are evident probably everywhere all around us. Global warming has already impacted our well-being in a major way. And this seems to be only the beginning. Surge in temperatures, shift in weather, scarcity of waters, rise in storms; the effects of climate change look like a scary endless list. Now, Ritacuba Blanco, the Colombian glacier is witnessing a major change as it is melting at a speedy rate.

Ritacuba Blanco Is Shedding Rapidly

Ritacuba Blanco
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The summer season of 2024 is not only a nightmare for living beings but extremely harmful to Mother Nature as well. From people falling sick to nature witnessing noticeable transformation, the ongoing times are quite bad for us in this aspect. Ritacuba Blanco has always been known as the mighty highest peak of Cordillera Oriental and today it is on the verge of a huge change because of climate change along with the effects of the El Nino.

The Colombian glacier in the Andes Mountains looked like an unbroken peak covered by thick blankets of ice and snow. Sadly, the present day’s reality is far from what it was just a few months ago. According to a report by The Times of India, this glacier in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park now has large cracks, and the rock present underneath is clearly uncovered.

The gaps and changes in Ritacuba Blanco are horrifying proof of the distressing climate changes. The impact and the intensity have only increased over the past few years. Many experts stated how the Colombian glacier is going through this unfortunate change and melting at quite a steady rate. In fact, it is vanishing at a speed that has not been noticed before.

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The Climate Crisis In 2024 Is VERY REAL!

Ritacuba Blanco
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, the reports of this Columbian glacier melting are not the first news of its kind. It is just yet another example of the worrisome future and how climate change is here to disrupt nature if things do not come under control at the earliest. 2024 is facing an intensified summer season because of the El Nino phenomenon. All these factors are coming together to create all these challenges for everyone and everything around us.

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It is high time to be very cautious of our impacts on worsening the present condition.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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