Combating Covid 19: Dubai Based Musician Will be Performing a 26-Hour Virtual Concert

by Angel Merchant
Combating Covid 19: Dubai Based Musician Will be Performing a 26-Hour Virtual Concert

The popular singer and songwriter, Glenn Perry will be performing a unique song marathon from his home. The 26-hour virtual concert is an effort to spread awareness, and a message of unity, solidarity, and most importantly, hope. The concert scheduled on 22 April at 11 AM. So, in case you’re missing the buzz of some good concert fun, you can enjoy a marathon of it, in the safety of your homes.

What’s It?

During the concert, Perry will reel out over 300-400hits, in order to help lighten the spirits of many around the world. Furthermore, Perry will be performing the live concert with no food and sleep for 26-hours straight. The music enthusiast mentioned that he took part in something similar a couple of years ago. He performed live songs for 25 hours straight, with no food or rest. His fingers were bleeding from playing all the guitar, and his vocal cords were totaled. He promised himself he’d never do it again, however, this life-threatening pandemic changed his mind. He had seen such positive effects of his first live concert and hopes to achieve even better results this time.

CORONAVIRUS AWARENESS songGlenn Perry releases a song to raise awareness for Coronavirusclick link:…

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What’s More?

Perry has been a strong advocate for spreading awareness during this time, so much so, that he ended up writing a song about it. The song about Coronavirus is titled, ‘Live Like a Man’ and is centered completely around Covid 19. This will also be one of the songs featured in his 26-hour live concert.

Meanwhile, a number of other musicians are live-streaming their performances. Musicians such as Billie Elish, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Indian singer Sonu Nigam, and the band, Backstreet Boys, have all made online appearances in the past couple of months. If they’re not singing, they’re doing something or the other to entertain all of us via social media. There are also a bunch of regional singers that have promised to deliver live online performances for all.

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What Else?

Meanwhile, Pakistan and the UAE have worked towards helping many stranded Pakistani’s reach their homes. Special PIA flights, Pakistan International Airline flights, have been dispatched to the UAE, in order to bring back stranded Pakistanis residing in the country. The initiative will help send up to 200 passengers to Islamabad. Over 40,000 Pakistanis have requested repatriation with the Pakistani consulate in the UAE. Aviation sources have mentioned that all 40,000 will be repatriated within the next 6 weeks.