Come 2023, You Can Stay Inside Tree Huts In Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh

by Deeplata Garde
Come 2023, You Can Stay Inside Tree Huts In Araku Valley In Andhra Pradesh

India has some marvellous spots to enjoy quaint nature. One such destination is Araku valley in Andhra Pradesh. The greenery around makes a man escape the daily chaos. And if you feel bored of staying in the concrete jungle then this place might have something special to offer. The Tribal Development Agency here is planning to build treehouses. Would you prefer them over the 5-star property experience while travelling?

ITDA Paderu Has Sanctioned Sums In Lakhs For This Upcoming Project

Araku Valley
Pic Creds: Media Library

The Padmapuram Gardens in Araku Valley’s Alluri Sitarama Raju district will have Tree Huts built there. As previously stated, the agency has approved 40 lakhs for the Araku Valley tree home project. This foundation will be in charge of boosting Andhra Pradesh’s tourism. Sources confirm that there would be 6 tree houses built from the sanctioned amount.

The ongoing construction of the project has completed 50% and the rest would be done by the start of 2023.

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Tribal Huts As Tourist Attractions In Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley
Pic Creds: APInfrastory

In the past, such similar tribal huts presence was marked in the region. But they got washed away due to the cyclone Hudhud in 2014. You can still witness such huts in Ooty and surrounding regions serving the same purpose.

The government is taking the initiative seriously and has represented the need to extend the funds in light of the expansion of these tree houses and huts. Previously, the Anantagiri Mandal tourism department had built houses among the woods at Jungle Bells along the Araku ghat route.

So if you are planning to visit Andhra Pradesh make sure you plan a trip to enjoy the new Tree huts in Araku Valley.

Cover Image Courtesy: APInfrastory