You Can Have Grand Canyon-Like Experience Right Here In Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh
by Sanmita A

Andhra Pradesh nestles some wonderful locations and one of them is Gandikota. The Ministry of Tourism posted about Gandhikota in Andhra Pradesh and compared it to the Grand Canyon in the USA. It is said to be one of the ancient forts that were built in Andhra Pradesh. Gandikota meaning gorge and the fort is beautiful affluence that belongs to India and must be visited at least once when you’re visiting the state. Read on to know more about Gandikota!

Andhra Pradesh Gandikota Has Temples & A Mosque

Aside from the stunning walls, this canyon in Andhra Pradesh also has a temple and a Jama Masjid within its premises. The temple is a beautiful structure and represents the architecture of the particular century. Its ambience and structure are as magnificent as the Canyon itself. You will be immediately transported to the historical days as soon as visit the place. The Ministry of Tourism wrote, ”#Gandikota in Kadapa district of #AndhraPradesh can give you almost the same experience as of being on the edge of the chasm in USA’s Grand Canyon! Visit #Gandikota soon to know what we are talking about.”

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Places To Visit In The State

Andhra Pradesh has a number of places in the state that are worth your visit. Starting from the Araku Valley, to the beaches of Vishakhapatnam, the new city, Amravathi, the holy city of Tirupati, the picturesque hill town, Srisailam and more. The state has beautiful spots that are best for visiting both on long and short weekends. Andhra Pradesh has a beautiful mix of scenic and historical places that can be a retreat for you after a hectic week.

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