Coronavirus In UAE: 5 Ways To Be Loving Towards Your City During The Dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Coronavirus In UAE: 5 Ways To Be Loving Towards Your City During The Dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic

Its here, its there, its everywhere! The UAE and countries across the world are doing their best to safeguard residents. But, it’s time we paid back! Whether you’re in the UAE or are stuck in a different country, it’s not going to hurt to be human. Here are some simple acts of kindness you must exhibit during this tough phase:

1. Don’t Be A Hoarder

We all know that the current situation has caused a lot of panic and people are picking up stuff off the shelves in BULK. While it’s nice to take plan ahead, it is as important to think of others too. Buy ONLY what y0u need! There’s never going to be such a dire state. Additionally, always offer to help the old people- you never know how long they drove to get to the supermarket. Let’s not send them back empty handed- can we? This is the time to prove that today’s youngsters are indeed responsible. So, don’t shy away from sharing that extra loaf of bread or the milk can.

2. Order In From Local Restaurants

The current state has led to a global economic downfall. A lot of your favorite restaurants might even vanish if the situation worsens. Do your bit and order in from them. Help them sustain their business in the little way you can. After all, they have families to feed too!


3. Tip The Delivery Boy

You wouldn’t even want to imagine the fear that’s gripping among these guys. Sitting indoors, we’re in a way safe. But what about the delivery boy who drives all the way, amid all the threat just to ensure you get your meal. The only thing you can do in return is be nice. Offer a glass of water or even better tip him well.

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4. Watch Your Water Usage

Wash, sanitize, repeat- YES we totally agree. But on the same lines, watch the water usage too! The simplest way to save water- open tap-wash-close tap-later up-open tap- wash- close tap: that’s easy right?


5. Be More Kind Towards Your House Help

Whether its your nanny, cleaner or cook, everything and everyone can wait! They are human beings too and they need isolation as well. Cut down on their working hours or even better just ask them to take off. If companies can function amidst all the chaos, we can find work arounds for cooking, and cleaning too. The best workaround would be to assign tasks to the inmates of your home. Keeps kids occupied and gets the work done- right?