Coronavirus: Man Asks Movement Permit To See Both His Wives

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Coronavirus: Man Asks Movement Permit To See Both His Wives

Amidst all the chaos and stringent rules, here’s something that will make you laugh out loud! The Dubai Police received one of the most bizarre requests when a man asked for permit to meet both his wives. The man wanted to visit both his wives, residing in different homes and wanted to clarify if he will need two different permits. The Dubai Police could not help but jokingly advice him not visit his other wife.

What’s In It?

A senior Dubai Police official went live on a local radio, to answer queries from residents. It was then, that a bizarre question cropped up from one of the residents. “I’m married to two women,” said the caller. “Should I get a permit when I move from house to house?”

Credits: Gulf News

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police jokingly replied not getting another permit would be a good excuse to not meet his other wife. He further added that the permit is for one time and people need to get it every time they leave their home.

The decision comes in line with UAE’s efforts to prevent the spread of Covid 19 as well as speed-up the sterilization process. The Dubai Police said that this way, areas that would take a week to be sanitized, are being cleaned up in a day.

Several other callers asked when this would all end, and other rules around walking pets. To these, the official replied that walking pets was not listed as an ‘essential’ and will not be a justified reason to obtain a permit. He further advised people to shop in bulk and present bills and the permit when asked.

Furthermore, cycles must be used only as a means of transport to commute to the supermarket and not to cycle around the house. The official lastly said that those who obtain permit must wear gloves, face mask and maintain social distance. Only one person per household is permitted outside.

The movement permit website ( has been updated and now it features an FAQs section that answers all your doubts.